Life thoughts by Sharon

Unsolicited thoughts by me.  Take them or leave them, the choice is yours. Life is interesting. I’ve analyzed the shit out of my life, and the world. This is what I’ve come up with: Number one thing I would tell somebody is to gain your own perspective. Or find someone you truly admire and adopt their perspective- you can make your own edits along the way. Gain your perspective by talking to people, Researching, and Experiencing. Make decisions that you can change. Be thoughtful in making the decisions that you can’t change. Invest in yourself. Continue to learn, do, and improve. Always keep your health in focus, you only have one body that serves as the vessel for what you are able to do in your lifetime. Back pain is the quickest way to depression, it is the connector for your entire body.  Your brain is the powerhouse.  Keep your back and mind healthy. Learn the tools that make you more effective, Mind to Design. Find the environments that help you be more productive, and help you t

Why I fell in love with Dubrovnik, Croatia

 A few years ago I had traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  It wasn't the first time I had been there, nor the last time.  I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, California where housing is quite expensive.  If you want to get any kind of short term living arrangement on your own in a decent location, you are looking at $200+ a night.  So, imagine my amazement where I was able to get a gorgeous spot overlooking the Adriatic Sea for $120 a night.  And yes, the pictures of the actual apartment I stayed in are below. I arrived from California to Dubrovnik Croatia, tired, the airline had also lost my bag on the way over.  But I was greeted by a local who owned their own apartment and this one that they had recently purchased and fixed up for a rental.  BoŇ°ko the owner was a welcoming sight, met with me to greet me, and show me the ins and outs of the apartments.  That makes all of the difference when going to a new place as it gets you settled in much quicker than having to figure and sort

Traveling Internationally During a Pandemic

Before you Leave the US Get a Google Voice Number - If you can get to your state's vaccination record easily wonderful, but I had issues because I must have been registered with my cell phone and my cell phone number cannot be used o utside of the US because I have AT&T Prepaid and that method doesn't give me access to purchase their Passport plan for traveling internationally.  So when I go abroad I must purchase an international SIM card.  For this reason, a google voice number is the most useful.  Because this allows me to make and receive calls from abroad, and also get emails of my missed calls and texts.  I recommend at least forwarding your calls to the google voice so at least you may receive voice mails... but not text messages. Activate Call forwarding BEFORE you leave the US Dial  **21* plus the 10-digit number you want your  calls forwarded  to and press # For example: **21*1234567890#  forwards  your  calls  to the  phone  number 123-456-7890   Change all your

Planning World Travel

Getting the travel bug again. Currently planning out my next trip. The pandemic had put a damper to the past year, but now that I'm fully vaccinated I am eager to reconnect with people I haven't seen for a while, see the world again, and get lost in it. I've been mapping out the locations of friends to help figure out where to go and also consider the kinds of places I want to explore with of course taking other factors into account. I've figured out how to see my Facebook friends on a world map, for those who have activated " Nearby Friends " and also I've started a friends map on google so I can plan out this trip and future trips.  How do you plan out your trips? Any recommendations for places? Looking for a visitor?

A Million Reasons

There are a million reasons why not to do something. But what are the reasons for why you SHOULD do something? Once in a while, go a while and listen to those nagging voices in your head that say thing like... I wish that I would... I would like to learn... Wouldn't it be nice if... Take a moment and write those thoughts down. While you might not have time to do them today, putting words to those fleeting thoughts, documenting them will help you to evolve them and begin to listen to your inner voice and desires. Work on them, refind them, and one day when you have an opportunity you will have something to work on, something to look forward to do. This is your time, this is your life. Why not do what you would like to do? Begin on something. It will not be perfect the first time. But the intial activation energy to break the static friction needs to happen, and then the rest becomes easier. Here is your daily inspiration. What kind of projects, learnings, activities,

Making your Garden work for You

If you have land, it's the best time now to beautify your home and environment! Create a space that you love, create inner peace and joy visually, and maybe grow your own food! Why not start beautifying your outdoor space by gardening! 1) Buy Plants that you will Enjoy - go to your out door gardening store 2) Buy Soil 3) Get a nice watering Hose 4) Get a drip irrigation system (get one that has a hose splitter) 5) Get a drip irrigation system with timer 6) Get a hose splitter

Figuring Out Pricing and Business Model

It can be overwhelming to think about needing to come up with a correct business and pricing model for everything up front.  So, chunk it up and chunk it down. Who are your customers? People who you will be selling to. Find out what they value, budget and ask them how they think about it so you can understand how to price in their terms Start from somewhere/ start with one, you can change your pricing along the way as you figure more things out Find out the time and resource cost versus price to figure out how to most efficiently spent your time and where you concentrate your time when building your business Consider income now and income potential, and also of course, consider impact and if the day to day is how you want to be spending your time for the route you choose