Choosing Healthier Products for a Better Life

We need to first of all that "Environmentally Friendly" is not just for the Environment, it is for our own personal health.  Toxic is TOXIC.  Toxic Laundry detergents aren't just going down the drain to pollute out drinking water, but it is also being worn directly on our bodies and being breathed in and absorbed by our skin into our bodies. Who is the EWG?  Environmental Working Group ( ( Wikipedia Page ) Environmentally Friendly + Healthier Cleaning Tips (PDF) How to make your own homemade kitchen cleaner Bathroom cleaner Use better Cleaning tools like an abrasive scrub brush, squeegee, cloth The 10 Safest Laundry Detergents You Can Use  (Reader's Digest's Recommendations) Safest laundry detergent overall:   Molly’s Suds Unscented Detergent Powder Best powder:   Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder Best detergent pods:  Dropps Detergent Pods Best detergent sheets:   Grove Co. Laundry Detergent Sheets Best for deep cleaning:   Tide Hygienic Clean He

Blackout at the Cafe

As I sit in the cafe I usually don't bring a laptop, but having technology allows me to output my thoughts in a more organized way that allows me to keep my sanity sometimes.  Otherwise the thoughts go round and round inside my head and with no escape it can get quite noisy.  Being able to output it into an understandable and organized form allows me to center myself. I took out my laptop, and my phone.  I plugged in my external battery pack to my phone and I started my hotspot.  I opened up my computer, and I was ready. Then the lights and music of the cafe suddenly shut down.  I had already had my coffee.  I already had my biscotti, I already had my cornetto.  So I was unaffected by the power outage event.  My computer still worked, my internet was independent.  I was part of a different system.  And because of that I was unaffected.  But had I been reliant on the system that everyone else was on at that point in time I would have been affected. It's a reminder that being con

Setting up E-mail with IONOS / to gmail

1) Transfer domain to a contract that isn't using the allotted email address capability so you can have a domain email address for free How to transfer a domain to another IONOS Contract 2) Decide between POP3 and IMAP -   POP3 downloads the email from a server to a single computer, then deletes the email from the server. On the other hand, IMAP stores the message on a server and synchronizes the message across multiple devices. How to Setup Pop with a Google Business Account: I believe I found the instructions to set this up... How do I allow or disallow use of an outbound gateway? By default, users cannot use an outbound gateway. The G Suite mail servers deliver all outgoing mail, including mail that uses alternate From addresses. To allow users to use an outbound gateway: Sign in  to your  Google Admin console . Sign in using an  administrator account , not your current account From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps G Suite Settin

The Apps to Have for Travel in Europe and Israel

Italy SALGO-  SALGO is the BUSITALIA App that allows you to book your trip and buy your ticket on the extra-urban lines enabled for booking.  With SALGO you no longer have to worry about the bus being too crowded: by booking in advance you can secure your seat and travel in complete safety. The bookable services mainly involve connections with the cities of Perugia, Terni, Spoleto, Gubbio, Norcia, Cascia, Viterbo, Rome and many other locations in Umbria and neighboring regions. Booking is simple and requires a few simple steps:   Israel - Google Maps - Buses, Trains, Driving Moovit - Compare modes of travel like car, taxi, but and train Rav-Kav - Order Train Tickets, Refill Card Gett - Taxi cabs in Israel Carpool (Waze) - To routinely get to and from someplace Scooter Apps (Input Driver's license and credit card information beforehand) Wind Cyprus  Google Maps is not very useful in Cyprus Cyprus Bus - Cyprus Bus Information and Maps Cyprus By Bus - Cyprus Bus Information and Maps C

Life thoughts by Sharon

Unsolicited thoughts by me.  Take them or leave them, the choice is yours. Life is interesting. I’ve analyzed the shit out of my life, and the world. This is what I’ve come up with: Number one thing I would tell somebody is to gain your own perspective. Or find someone you truly admire and adopt their perspective- you can make your own edits along the way. Gain your perspective by talking to people, Researching, and Experiencing. Make decisions that you can change. Be thoughtful in making the decisions that you can’t change. Invest in yourself. Continue to learn, do, and improve. Always keep your health in focus, you only have one body that serves as the vessel for what you are able to do in your lifetime. Back pain is the quickest way to depression, it is the connector for your entire body.  Your brain is the powerhouse.  Keep your back and mind healthy. Learn the tools that make you more effective, Mind to Design. Find the environments that help you be more productive, and help you t

Why I fell in love with Dubrovnik, Croatia

 A few years ago I had traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  It wasn't the first time I had been there, nor the last time.  I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, California where housing is quite expensive.  If you want to get any kind of short term living arrangement on your own in a decent location, you are looking at $200+ a night.  So, imagine my amazement where I was able to get a gorgeous spot overlooking the Adriatic Sea for $120 a night.  And yes, the pictures of the actual apartment I stayed in are below. I arrived from California to Dubrovnik Croatia, tired, the airline had also lost my bag on the way over.  But I was greeted by a local who owned their own apartment and this one that they had recently purchased and fixed up for a rental.  BoŇ°ko the owner was a welcoming sight, met with me to greet me, and show me the ins and outs of the apartments.  That makes all of the difference when going to a new place as it gets you settled in much quicker than having to figure and sort

Traveling Internationally During a Pandemic

Before you Leave the US Get a Google Voice Number - If you can get to your state's vaccination record easily wonderful, but I had issues because I must have been registered with my cell phone and my cell phone number cannot be used o utside of the US because I have AT&T Prepaid and that method doesn't give me access to purchase their Passport plan for traveling internationally.  So when I go abroad I must purchase an international SIM card.  For this reason, a google voice number is the most useful.  Because this allows me to make and receive calls from abroad, and also get emails of my missed calls and texts.  I recommend at least forwarding your calls to the google voice so at least you may receive voice mails... but not text messages. Activate Call forwarding BEFORE you leave the US Dial  **21* plus the 10-digit number you want your  calls forwarded  to and press # For example: **21*1234567890#  forwards  your  calls  to the  phone  number 123-456-7890   Change all your