How to be the Best True You

Be Beautiful - Beauty is not something surface deep.  Beauty is the inner spirit that gets reflected outward.  Ever notice those days where you may have changed nothing about yourself but somehow everyone is giving you compliments on what you are wearing, your hair, or smile?  These are the days when you emit happiness and people gravitate towards your positive spirit.

Be Happy- Happiness is not determined by what you have or don't have.  Happiness is a personal choice.  You can choose to be happy at any given moment.  It takes a simple shift of thinking.  Instead of thinking what you don't have, think of what you do.  Why should you smile today?  Because it is better than not smiling.  Lift your energy see the people you surround's energy also increase.  Under the right circumstances you'll see a multiplier effect.

Be Energy Conscious- There is only so much energy in the world.  As so, there is only so much energy in you. Exist in environments that fuel you so that you can preserve your energy and emit it to the people and projects that deserve it.  Avoid the people who tend to drain you and make you tired.  Pick your battles wisely.  Use your energy where it can be multiplied and recycled and you'll see more progress being made in your life.

Continuously Improve- Make constant progress in your life.  Work towards either incrementally improving your situations, or dramatically changing the situations that do not have a 'light at the end of the tunnel'.  If the future of the situation does not excite you and the current situation does not either make the change to the outlook of a brighter today or tomorrow.

Do What you Love- What makes you tick?  What makes you smile?  What are your most favorite memories, and why were they your favorite?  Who are the people you admire most and why?  You'll find that answering those questions will help decode what helps make you, you.  Explore those elements to help find the true you

Be True to your Values- If there is only one thing that sticks with you until the is yourself.  Make sure you keep true to your values.  Regrets are only made when you betray yourself and what you believe in.  Where do you stand when it comes to work, relationship, beliefs, morals?  Your values remain pretty constant over time.  Stay true to your values and you'll be staying true to yourself.  This will help you stay grounded.

Be Balanced- I know of not one person who is exceptional in only one area in life and is perfectly happy.  There is a fine line between the best of worlds and the worst of worlds.  The only way to weather all storms and remain centered and grounded is to keep a healthy balance.  Balance in the secret of literally everything.  Want to be healthy?  Eat a balanced meal.  Balance exercising with a healthy diet.  Balance your time between work and play.  Balance the time learning and doing.  Balance the time being indoors and get the point.  Moderation is key.


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