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Three Tips to Leading the Atypical Life

There are many opportunities to select a life path that are prone to living on the schedules of everyone else's but our own.  While there are certainly times where this is needed, there are also times where this can be a hinder.

Ask Why- What is your driving motivation for what you do?  Does your job/career, location, activities, relationships facilitate what you value?

Live a live of thoughtfulness with Improv- While we may often jump at chances when we see them, it could better our circumstances to first figure out where we are in our lives and how these pieces may play in them.  We cannot predict the timing of the world, but there are more than just a few ways to do any one thing.  While doing things the 'normal' path may be at times the easier path because it is more clearly lined out and understood it may not be the ideal circumstance for you.  What would it look like to instead look from your perspective and see how the opportunities fit into the puzzle of what is righ…

Considering going to Business School to get your MBA?

1) What are my chances of getting in?
The following blogs gives your chances of getting in the top schools based on certain people profiles:

2) What would I encounter in the GMAT (the test that you'll need to take before applying)

3) What are the differences between the 2 top schools, Stanford and Harvard?
As of 2011, Stanford seems to have edged out Harvard in the U.S. News & World Report.

4) What do you truly gain from an MBA?  Insight from entrepreneur Vinod Khosla.

5) How much we talking?

The best Inventions can also be the most Simplistic

A great invention has the most amount of positive impact (value) with a great number of people.

In this great video an inventor shows how he is using a single plastic bottle and some water (in an unconventional way) to powerfully improve the lives of people in a third world country.