Friday, July 2, 2010

Stepping out

When either taking the jump out on your own, or being pushed there and into a place of self exploration, here are a couple of important things I have learned first hand along the way.

1)  Set up time limits and schedule yourself.  When you leave time to make decisions open, you may never make a decision because you are afraid of making the wrong decision.  There is no 100 percent correct decision, and variable are constantly changing.  If it is time you are taking to try and save money, factor in the extra time you are putting in to save this money, and ask yourself if it is worth the possible outcome.

2)  Trust the people you talk to before you tell them too much.  If you don't feel comfortable with the person or haven't reached the needed level of not tell the person too much.  Yes, there is that possibility that someone may steal your idea or tell others.  But, the larger factor in all of this is that they can bomb your idea and self confidence with one quick blow.  If you let them in too deep without making sure they are qualified to hold what is most precious to you in their hands you are playing with fire.

3)  Use your community.  In life you are up and you are down.  You are in front and behind.  You are novice and you are experienced.  The only way to steadily get ahead is by helping and being helped by others.

4)  Stick it out.  Things don't happen overnight.  You need to be serious and persistent.  People need to see your dedication to want to help you.  There will be waves of good and waves of bad, you need to weather the storm to see the rainbow.

5)  It becomes about the small triumphs and achievements.  When you step out on your own, everything suddenly becomes very real and very personal.  Your stake becomes much higher so the pressure is on to perform.  When things don't work out it feels like the weight was on you to make it successful.  It is easy to stress out when your goals aren't reached, because you are the one responsible.  On the other hand, when things do work out, when things start to click together and make sense...the euphoria takes over.

6) The secret sauce of success.  Projects are made up of many components.  The main of which are people, ideas, timing, and passion.  Most projects will be off balance.  But, once you get that projects where these components can work together in a harmonious fashion, the secret sauce is made and you get a taste of what  makes the most successful companies and projects in the world succeed.

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