Thursday, July 8, 2010

Followup on ENFP=ADHD?

Of all my posts, it seems to be "ENFP=ADHD?" seems to be the most popular because of people googling similar phrases. Here's a direct link to it:

I conclude from this that other people must be sensing the relationship. My guess is most people aren't familiar enough with both terms to understand a correlation. But, if you've found your way here through a search engine... then obviously, you aren't most people.

I've had a handful of people in my life like my mom and high school math teacher tell me that I had ADD. Being told that you have "Attention Deficit DISORDER" is not a pleasant thing to hear, so it felt like a kind of insult. No one wants to hear that something is wrong with them, especially when it feels like an insult to your personality and being. But here is the thing, I don't think it's a disorder.  I've found someone to agree with me, and she happens to be a psychotherapist with 40 years of experience. Lynn Weiss, Ph.D. is the author of "Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults: A different way of thinking". She explains that the people who decided to label it a disorder were selected mental health professionals and pharmaceutical companies, both of whom have high stakes in the outcome. In short, by labeling it a disorder, people in the industry can make more money.

I think of being an ENFP, which happens to have a strong correlation to ADD to be a different way of thinking.  We are lateral thinkers, not sequential thinking.  If you are an ENFP and talk to someone of the similar personality type you will know exactly what I'm talking about because you shift from one subject matter to another with ease, following each other's footsteps perfectly.  The communication is visual, lively and engaging.  Its not about how things are, it's about how things can be.  We don't ask what, we ask why.  We have different motivations, a different skill set, and a very different way of looking at things.  We are big picture people, we are people of passion.  We want to do what we love, and we want to love what we do.

We are people who follow our gut instincts, people who make decisions on how things make us FEEL.  We see patterns, we see patterns and relationships everywhere.  Conversations play out in our head, we see the 10 next steps before we even get started on the first.  We move to the beat of our own drum, our schedules are unpredictable, we live in a disorganized way.  Sometimes the disorganization gets the best of us and we end up spinning in circles for a while.  When we stop spinning and get pointed in the right direction, we can make anything happen.  Have faith in yourself that you can do it.  Get help from your support system when you need some guidance.

Here is something that'll help you, written by a fellow ENFPer!

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Mr_X said...

I am back ..

I am the medical student who replyed on your old topic yesterday ..

After i left , i went looking for this "ADHD" thing (i haven't ran across it before) .. It matched me very well ..

now i understand why i am too addict to coffee (i found researches on using it instead of amphetamine as they have similar structures) ..

I drink about 3 to 5 cups of coffee before 2 pm ( from 8 am to 2 pm) so i can concentrate on lectures .. (one cup every rest )

at home , i drink coffee in a big glass or cup .. many times just before sitting on books or lap top ..

I walk around alot , when ever i am thinking .. just like crazy or like a lion in cage .. thats why i choose to study at night and in empty places in college where i can exercise my "maddness" with no one seeing ..

I can never carry on any task for so long .. it is funny , but now i undersand why i am the first to leave in exam room (i usually leave the first .. after 45 min from the 2 or 3 hours allowed for exam) ..

alot of tings to say , but i can't complete right now .. i need to do alot ..

i have read in wikipedia that high iq or inteelligence can mask the adhd , as they student can pass and there will be no detected dysfunction ..

i am leaving .. see you later if i can (thanks for the topic) ..

it is weired .. but now i feel confused .. is it better to know that you have a problem or not ..