Thursday, July 9, 2009

I got her flowers, now why is she still mad?

This entry is to explain girls to guys. Because face it, sometimes things just need to be squarely explained. Situation: Girl has been asking Guy for *flowers. Guy finally gets girl *flowers, but Girl is still not happy, in fact, now she is frustrated. Why?

*(Substitute Guy, Girl and Flowers for names and object that fits your situation)

There is a secret about women that you should know. We don't always verbalize exactly what we want, but we still want it. So, every so often we would like unrequested thought put into us. We don't want to nag, and we don't want to ask for it, but we want it. So, in the back of our mind we always have this wistfulness about us. "Man, I kind of wish he would...(buy me flowers); (buy me jewelry); (plan a vacation); (take me out) ; (propose); (give me a compliment); (fill in with anything)." It's not that we particularly really want those things, we just really want to know that you are listening to us, thinking about us, and that you care enough to do it.

If you do or plan something at this point...she is thrilled, and you get the full love treatment.

So, time passes, and it's not happening. The thought is moving from the back of our mind, to the front. And instead of our unsuccessful hoping and hinting, we finally blatantly ask for it. So, you can tell now that it is in your best interest to do it, so you do. You would think she'd be happy and content, but instead she is frustrated and mad. By the time we better go above and beyond, because its the extra thought that we actually wanted.

If your boy needs a hint, or your girl needs insight, send them this way.

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