Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogger becomes casualty of Iran cyber-wars

I saw this headline today: "Blogger becomes casualty of Iran cyber-wars", and felt it was worth some words. Apparently a Jewish blogger in Iran was arrested for criticizing the Iranian government. He died today in his jail cell. His blog started out talking about freedom, and the desire for it. I find it amazing to think that even today in our modern society, people are still ruled by fear. The story echos what happened in Berlin, Germany during the second world war. First, they make sure people are scared to speak out. By muzzling people, it makes it harder to unify. It's easier to pick off individual 'annoyances' than a powerful unified opponent.

Maybe if we use their thinking, and reverse it on them, we can make sure that we can regain the security of people's freedom. Maybe everyone can unify in the quest for freedom of all people. Its an idealist thought, but with a positive spin on it. Ironic, with even those good intentions, it would have the same outcome, people being persecuted for their beliefs.

But, what if we all held the belief that being good natured was the ultimate right, and that we should allow our moral compasses direct us? I wonder how so many people's moral compasses got so screwed up. I think we should all be raised watching Disney movies, so we can know the difference between Cinderella, and the Evil step mother.

And, to part, I will leave with a quote from blogger, Omidreza Mirsayafi's first blog post.

"I asked: When will we understand the meaning of freedom?

"I answered: When our wisdom can be delivered from ignorance, selfishness and foolishness."

In memory of all who have never had the pleasure of experiencing freedom.

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