Friday, April 24, 2009


So, if you'd like inspiration that you can take basically any idea and take it to company form, here is the proof. 2 guys at a restaurant one day and decided that the taste of bacon was filled with awesomeness. So what did they do? They first developed bacon flavored salt, and now are producing bacon flavored lip balm and mayonnaise.

And based on the post below, you may just remember the above paragraph because it is Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, and a Story. I saw the story today one Oprah. You heard me, two guys who formed a company based on the concept that everything should taste like bacon, had a 10 minute spot on Oprah. Not only that, but now Oprah is tweeting on her show. Wow things have changed. Social Media has now taken control of TV, with the internet and iphone applications being top stories on the news.

Two days ago one of the top stories on the news station was the 'shaking baby' application on the iphone. Why the news would even waste their time talking about a stupid application that someone wrote? I have no idea. You would think that their time would have been better spent on a special interest story, or picking a wedgie. My thought is that there is so much information out there now, that even credible news reporters are having difficulty combing through all the information to come out with a hearty news report.

People are coming across youtube videos, iphone applications, and all the other randomness on their own. To replay all of this as 'news' is ridiculous. Then you end up getting bombarded with the same information over and over again, I guess that is what they mean by recycling.

What happened to the time when people would turn on the news to hear about was happening in the community? Now I turn on the news and they are talking about the latest YouTube video or Britain's Got Talent's, Susan Boyle.

I think TV needs to redefine its purpose. A statistic today said that only 52% think the TV is necessary. Its the lowest percentage since the 70's. No wonder, the TV just tells you everything the internet does...but 8 hours later. Baconnaise, anyone?

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