Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Updates: Intuition 2, Corporate decisions 0

US Airways

On January 4th, I wrote an entry titled: US Airways- Short term vs Long term decisions , talking about how on a recent US Airways flight I had been charged for water on a 6 hour cross continental domestic flight. My stance was that it was a horrible move for the airline to demand money for water on a cramped flight where there was no readily accessible drinking water. Especially when customers had each paid good money for their flight, and had all of the time in the world to complain to each other during the time in the air. Well, it seems like US Airways have finally gotten the message and have changed their ways. They were hoping the other airlines would follow suite and also decide to charge for drinks, when they didn't, they alone were crouching in the corner in shame. I think if they had thought about their decision a little more before becoming so money hungry they would have avoided the disaster, but I guess better late than never!

US Airways won't charge for sodas after all: US Airways says soda, juice and coffee will be free again for domestic coach passengers



I hadn't mentioned this one in my blog, but in a conversation with my mom we were commenting on how ugly the new Tropicana packaging was. The printing on the carton was even questionable with faded orange colors, and a glass of orange juice that didn't look more than a faded orange shape on the label. The once decent looking packaging looked more like an unappealing generic container with a major identity crisis. I was surprised the design of the container even made it out the door. Well, it looks like Tropicana finally got the message on that one:

Never Mind! Pepsi Pulls Much-loathed Tropicana Packaging



Mark said...

US Airways is the worst money grabbing airline ever. I try to fly them as last resort. The ever present advertising on everything makes me cringe. One of the flights I took, they had a 15 minute blaring add on the TV that you could not shut off and the speakers were the same as the ones for safety announcers. Tray tables had verizon comericals. I wanted to puke.

Sharon said...

I had that experience too. It was awful. I'm glad that you complained to them, and that they listened. I think US Airways needs to get a more consumer sensitive person in the upper ranks.