Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Acting like you deserve it

Time is an interesting thing. When one actually has time to think instead of do, a million thoughts can come racing into the mind, and then cause paralysis of the limbs. By thinking too much you can reason yourself in and out of thoughts, and then hesitate at the thought of any action because of all the consequences of actions. But what about the consequence of inaction?

Too many times people get scolded for not thinking abou ttheir actions. Though by not acting nothing, nothing would get done. People with extreme levels of self confidence rarely think much before acting because they are so sure of themselves that they figure, how could they be wrong? So, they take action, before thinking twice of it. Maybe at the lack of their thought, and quickness of their action they are able to succeed by just getting there before everyone else and to be able to make mistakes, and quickly correct them before going too noticed. Failure can only really occur if people can notice before they take action to correct. And, even at that point they are acknowledged for taking action.

When I was a kid, I remember coming home and telling my mom that I was upset because no one would play with me. I would watch kids playing a game, and either ask to play, or wait to get asked to play, and would become upset when they would either ignore or say no. My mom's conclusion? Don't ask, just play. I never truly understood that, I always thought, well what if the other kids don't want me to play with them, and started role reversing in my head, and figured it would not be a good idea. Other kids would just jump in and start playing without asking, just figuring that they already had a spot to play in.

I'm starting to think that my mom is right. Don't ask, just play. Don't think too much, just do. There are a 1,000 reasons why not to do something, maybe life is about finding the 1 reason why to do something. Don't wonder if you deserve something, just keep going and act like you do deserve it. Life actually has no rules, all there are are perceptions of them.

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