Monday, January 26, 2009

Wall of Shame- My Growing List of Product Reviews and Customer Service Experiences


I renewed my 2-year service with AT&T by upgrading my phone at a RadioShack in Delawarec. Normally I would not have gotten a phone so quickly without doing research on it, but the salesman said that I could easily return the phone to RadioShack within 30 days if I was not happy. RadioShack is located near me in Cali, so I went for it. I purchased the...

LG Vu- Which was an ok phone, lots of bells and whistles, which I like the option of having if I ever decide to upgrade packages. But there is one fundamental flaw of the LG VU. The battery life is horrible. One can possibly acheive 180 minutes of talk time if they maybe put it on the lowest volume and talk straight through one conversation. All I know is every two days I need to charge my phone, and I am a pretty casual talker. And if I have to charge the phone that frequently now, what will happen 2 years from now when the battery starts losing life?

So, I went to a RadioShack in Cali and asked about returning the phone. The man said that he could not return the phone, and that I would not even be able to get another phone even if I wanted to, because I was outside the 'region'. Apparently even though AT&T is nationwide, and RadioShack is nationwide...somehow AT&T does not allow the sale and return of phones outside of your specified region. Every other carrier allows this. And the region is determined by the area code of the phone, nothing else. So, if you moved but wanted to keep your cell number you would encounter many-a-problems.

I called AT&T, and they too said there was nothing they could do. I mentioned the fact that I could ship it to the Delaware RadioShack, and then return it, and thus get myself out of the upgrade, canceling my contract... but that didn't seem to phase him either. What is wrong with customer services these days?

LG Customer Service

I was pleasantly pleased at how fast my call was answered, and the woman on the phone was very pleasant. I asked what kind of a microSD card would fit with my phone. She told me to wait a second while she looked it up, and came back with the response of a 8 gb card. So, I did my research and purchased an 8 gb card. I put it in my phone, and it is not recognized. I call customer service. He says the max space it can hold is 4gb. I ask if that is written anywhere in the product manual. He says no. Money for card and time spent researching...wasted. Customer service = frustrating.

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