Monday, January 12, 2009

Understanding the Medical Industry- Bills, Bills, Bills

The Health Industry makes no sense, and I question why.

The health industry is one of the only industries that make the most money when they misdiagnose, causing the patient more and more useless tests. With most other industries we award efficiency, paying for the end result, and not the waste in between.

The health industry is one of the costliest, the price tags extremely high, but at the same time, a mystery. When was the last time you understood your last medical and insurance bill?

The health industry is one of the only places where you go in, and sign documents that you agree to pay everything they charge you, without having any idea how much the cost will actually be.

Now, what happens if a person without health insurance enters this institution of unforeseen costs, receives unneeded treatments for diagnosis that are inaccurate, and then keeps receiving bills for this? How is this even legal in the U.S.? Shouldn't there be a system where we award efficiency and accuracy instead of misdiagnosis and hardship? I say there should be a better system in place, and the prices should be on the wall. Yelp the process! Reward the good...get rid of the bad. Where are the review systems for the medical industry? Put the prices on the wall like a McDonalds... and people will make better decisions of the treatments and tests they need, and the ones they don't.

And don't send multiple bills months apart. This is America, lets do something about it.

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Jay said...

So I am a Benefits Administrator for a company and see your frustration first hand with my employees that bring thier bills to me to decipher. One thing that boggles me is that a doctors office can assign different payment codes for the procedures they do, such as a consultation that should be considered an "office visit" with a standard copay type of code can be change to different specialist code and then add a facilities fee on top of it so it goes through Deductibles instead of copays depending on what is more profitable. I have been searching for an organization that actually audits and holds these people accountable for thier charges and publishes the health care providers that have questionable charges. I have yet to find one and I am also looking for the actual guidelines for thier fees and procedures. Most of my employees blame the Insurance Company for the rising cost of healthcare and always trust thier doctors blindly but we as a individuals need to questions our doctors as much as possible, if they are honest they have nothing to be afraid of. And they can start with why the Pharmacy Vendor sign in list always seems to be longer then the patient sign in list.