Monday, December 1, 2008

The Business Plan Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving, instead of traveling to friends and family, I stayed behind to work on my business plan. Apparently those things take longer than one would think, it's a good thing that our last class was delayed a week! I've been able to gather tons of articles by:

1) Going to my local library and accessing the online resources with my library card
2) Going online and finding industry relevant magazines accessible for free online
3) Taking advantage of my student status at Stanford to access their library resources
4) Google searches

I've been able to gather lots of information and learn many important things about the industry and how my concept would be received and successful on the market. There is one problem though, it's been extremely hard to find industry data. Those cold hard facts that actually attribute an idea to the bottom line, money. There are lots of market research firms out there that do this research, and can provide you with the data, but this reports are from $3,000 to $4,000 each. And for and up and coming business, how can one afford this? These reports are to help someone learn the market and data so they can enter the industry, but to be able to afford these reports before the money starts coming in....?

If anyone know any other options for obtaining great (recent) historical information and trend percentages... post it!

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