Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Victory at the Global Innovation Tournament!

Today was a great day! Our movie, "Soapy Saves the Day!" was selected from more than 100+ Stanford entries for the "Creativity Prize"! Guy Kawasaki even said that he loved the video :-). I'm psyched because the creativity category is the one I most wanted to win, and the prize we won is amazing! I'll be attending this: which will be an excellent opportunity for me to increase my network and learn more about everything going on here in Silicon Valley. I may even be able to get some investors or at least gather some interest in my ideas!

So, as for Tom Kelley's "do what you love"...totally. Even though I'm straying off the path of normality, there is something inside me that is telling me that this is the right path to take. At this point I can't even fathom just asking to be employed at a regular 'ol 9-5 job. Even though people may give me funny looks after they asked me where I work.. and I don't have a good response for them, I'm thinking that things will turn out all right.

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