Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stanford E-Week

So, Myself and a couple of other people went to Tom Kelley's talk (yay!), and afterwards they presented an object to be used in a 3 minute or less video. The object presented was a water bottled, and the goals was to create as much value out of it as possible. Our submission can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyPvck5O1Hc I would recommend watching it in high quality by clicking the link and clicking "watch in high quality"

It was a pretty fun project, and I probably though up at least 15 different viable concepts for it. We ended up doing a concept I though of while brushing my teeth on Thursday night and putting my 'tortoise brain' to work.

I think the video turned out pretty well, with working on all of these 'big projects' it was nice to actually complete something, as I work the best under pressure with a deadline! If the movie is well received I'm looking into turning it into a children's book with a DVD. That way kids can read the book, and watch the movie, and read the book while listening to the story. I remember books on tape always being the ultimate!

So the moral of this? Find a fun creative competition to enter to stimulate your thinking and add some enthusiasm to your day. When you work on big projects, can can get a bit drawn out, so re-energize yourself with fun little projects along the way!

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