Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to Find a Lawyer

So, I've been doing a ton of research lately to try and find a good lawyer. Here are some of the methods that I've been attempting that might come in handy. (Not listed in any particular order)

1. The Best Lawyers in America- Book in library that has lawyers listed my specialty and location

2. www.google.com/patents and searching for key words of your idea, pulling up the patent, take note of the attorney who filed the patent, and then research them and contact

3. Blogs- do a search for what you need within the profiles of blogs

4. www.axxiomlegal.com

5. uspto.gov under resources, search for a licensed patent agent or lawyer

6. Look at city records for similar businesses and see what lawyer filed them

7. Call similar businesses and ask who their lawyer is

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