Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finding your Support

As an Entrepreneur, the same things that seem at first to be exciting, can also be daunting. As an Entrepreneur you are working on your own at first. Meaning: You do the work, you come up with the ideas, you motivate, you, you. It can definitely be a hard thing to find your supports that you trust that won't "injure" your idea. It's like finding a babysitter for your new born baby... you wouldn't trust just anyone. With an idea you'll tend to get inventor-paranoia, its not a very happy place to be, but at times it is the only way to be. If you idea is in a fragile state you often can't afford to blab your idea to anyone who asks. You need to tell people strategically, telling those people who can help you in some shape or form, and tell people only the information that they really need to know. I make sure to document in my inventor book the people I tell, just in case, and so I can control who knows what information. There comes a point when an idea is not patentable anymore, once an idea becomes public knowledge, and that would be a very bad thing to put so much work into something with no success to show for it.

With that said, once you can tell some people that you trust and who can help you in some shape or form, you start building your support group. Your support group can consist of friends who you can bounce ideas off of, Family members WHO SUPPORT YOUR DREAMS, significant others, mentors... Basically you want to surround yourself with those who believe in you, have positive energy reverberating off their skin, and who'll tell you the truth once in a while when you need it.

Currently I've found someone else with a similar personality as mine, who is always coming up with fistfuls of viable business ideas. So we have decided to team up, motivate each other, and bounce ideas off each other, its great! It takes the 'alone' out of entrepreneur!

So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is getting down working by yourself all the time, go find an idea partner who is at about the same stage that you are in.. and support each other in your endeavors. And you'll go twice as far as you will alone! The journey is more fun with company!

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