I have a theory. I have a theory that people with the personality type of ENFP (Myers-Briggs Extroverted-Intuition-Feeling-Perceiving) are likely to be seen as people with ADHD. For some background, ADD is a sub-group of ADHD, so people with ADD have ADHD, although the people with ADD aren't hyper-active. (Yes, I know it's a but confusing, but that's how it was explained to me) I read somewhere that only 1-2% of the population are ENFP's. It's funny, because when I meet an ENFP, I know they are an ENFP, it is an indescribable bond of likeness that is formed. So, If I am correct and most ENFP's display the symptoms of ADHD, does that mean that ADHD is really a 'disorder', or merely a personality difference of those who categorized the ENFPs as having ADHD? Could it be that we have a different learning style than most, so have been bored by conventional schooling of the average school teacher who tends to be of the same personality type?

The bottom line is: I don't see ADD as a disorder, I see it as a personality difference. Although I may have a harder time remembering tasks or cannot pay attention to that which disinterests me,I have other strengths. I am an out of the box thinker that can cross-pollinate thoughts and once I do become interested in something I take it all the way, to the point of perfection. Though someone may be different than you, don't look at it as a bad thing, look at it as a learning opportunity.

Here are some great resources to help:

Update 11/19/2010

I have been noticing this post have been receiving many hits via search engines. If you have come across this post, please leave a comment and explain what lead you to seek more information! I am very interested to see if other people have been noticing a possible correlation between ENFP and ADHD. Please leave a comment, and a way to get in touch with you! I am interested in hearing more!

My email address is sharon16f@hotmail.com if you with to contact me personally and receive a response, or if you'd like to get updated with more related information/posts as it becomes available.  Unless you actually post your email address in your response, there is no way to reach you.

If you are seeking personalized direction, I can help brainstorm solutions and give you insight on tools and resources that you can use to better your life.  I've been on a personal quest to find answers, and I'd like to help others do the same.  Hopefully my life efforts will save you some time and frustration and give you some insight that you are looking for!

See this page for some additional information on the personality type ENFP: http://www.net2.com/mb/enfp.htm

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Jeremy White said…
I feel the same way. A few month's ago, one of my friends was depressed because they were diagnosed with ADD. I tried telling them it didn't mean anything was wrong with them. Everyone is different and the symptoms of ADD are just something the doctors of our society have decided isn't normal. But nobody is normal. Normal is bullshit.
Jay said…
This article made me really think for a moment. . thinking ENFP may = ADHD. . but ADHD does not necessariliy = ENFP. I might be messed up on it, but if ADHD is so incredibly common anymore but ENFP only represent 1-2% of population. . it stands to reason that my logic is sound. But I was diagnosed with ADHD and am ENFP. . but I would agree more that ADHD is a personality difference and not a mental issue. . makes me think hard about it all.
Sharon said…
Jay, that sounds pretty accurate. My hypothesis would be that people who are ENFP's are more likely to be perceived to have ADD, a 'disorder'. I'm going to look into it further. I wonder if there is a definite correlation. Of all my blog, this is by far my most hit post. It'd be interesting to hear feedback on people who are ENFPs and survey if they've been thought to have ADD.
Tess said…
i am seeing someone who is a brillant enfp, adhd. he is very complex with so many contraditions in his personality. i am an infp and for some reason tend to end up romantically involved with enfp's (maybe because on some level they intuitively GET me, which so many people dont, and just write me off as a cold, shy person)--and i tend to have similar problems arise with them...eg. neither of us ever really following through with our incredibly idealistic plans/desires, which causes tension, and on some level, for myself at least, depression.
he is hyper-nourishing yet can be so callous as well. the adhd throws me off.
maybe i am too sensitive to deal with it--or maybe we are far, far too similar.
all of these personality labels, and diagnoses...just a small pinhole. the truth about anyone is so much vaster! many times it's just spinning around in a circle...
TL said…
I certainly agree. I'm an ENFP myself and have long suspected that I also have ADHD. Whether or not it's chronic to our personality type is a different story. BUT I do agree with Jay in that ENFP may = ADHD but not necessarily the other way around. I think the ENFP personality type does exhibit the symptoms of ADHD but when the "problem" of being unable to follow through and complete projects is "unlearned" or solved, then we probably don't exhibit those tendencies as much outside of the social realm. Great blog post though.
Marie said…
I am an ENFP with ADHD (which is a deficiency in attention coupled with hyperactivity) and have to take medication to balance out my central nervous system. ADHD can make me agitated, impulsive in eating and speech, among many common ailments. Have you not read 1) The symptoms of ADHD and 2) The stereoptyes of ENFP's? They are different. Even when I take my medication (which significantly decreases the dysfunctional symptoms), I am still very much a sla-happy ENFP who loves to inspire and meet everyone at random!
cyndiw said…
I am also an ENFP; coincidentally someone happened to send me a link to a small college in Vermont that today that caters to ADDers. I had a couple of people say I my have ADD and mentioned it to a co-worker a few years ago. He said, "Maybe nothing is wrong with you;maybe it's just who you are." I think that too and seeing that it might just be a trait of certain personalities vs. a "disorder" is comforting.
murray said…
I am 38 year old INFP (who is fairly outgoing) who has recently been diagnosed with ADD innattentive. I am intrigued by the link between personality type and ADD behaviour. I am not sure what the answer is, but I suspect that there is a difference in brain function that leads to a different connection with the world. I prize my creative self and would not swap it for anything, but also find it very difficult to function normally and so i do believe that there is a problem.

That the different brain functioning leads to a consistent personality pattern is amazing to me, but I think it may remain an argument of the chicken and the egg.
Anonymous said…
I am an EFNP and I have been diagnosed with ADD. I am 35 yearsold and I searched the internet to find out if there is a correaltion between this personality trait and ADD.
Anonymous said…
Very interesting...I came to the same conclusion myself and googled to see if others thought the same. I was diagnosed as ADD in 1st grade and took medication for the condition through 12th grade. I credit the medicine for getting me through school near the top of my class. In college I found I no longer needed it, I was able to select classes that interested me and create my own schedule. I was also lucky enough to find a career with no possibility of getting bored. Anyway, do I really have ADD (ADHD), who knows but there has to be a connection to the fact that I am ENFP.
Sharon said…
What is your job/career?
Wow, I am supprised that I am not the only one how shares this theory. I recently read (Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type; by Barbara Barron-Tieger) but I took the MBTI a few years ago. I was diagnosed with ADHD in July so after reading this book I realized that the personality traits discribe are similar to ADHD Symptoms. I think we have been classifed as having a disorder because we are a very small percentage of the population.
Anonymous said…
I am diagnosed with ADD and am ENFJ.
After doing a lot of research on ENFP & ENFJ, I am convinced that I truly am ENFP.
I've spent a lot of time in counseling and take medication for ADD. I believe that has had a huge impact on the P vs. J aspect. The coping mechanisms I have learned have helped so much that I am almost neurotic about organization.
But, naturally, without that help, I am most certainly a P.
Kelly said…
Well this is interesting. I'm an ENFP and it is thought that I'm ADD. I occasionally take Ritalin. But i do think that the ENFP tendancy to grab on to an idea and let the possibilities explode does have others perceiving us as scattered or hair brained. It it really difficult to do mundane tasks or try to go through detailed forms or procedure oriented documents, I completely space out and get overwhelmed. I constantly need to be challenged and have at least a minimum of 10 books by my bedside on different subjects at any one time. I find there is a certain type of boss who can handle and appreciate my learning style, and that supervisors and other staff can be challenged or charged up by an ENFP's energy. ADD? I'm not sure but i'm willing to work through this and develop more discipline but want to have my freedom to express myself creatively
to keep me inspired.
Sharon said…
Hi Kelly, we have many shared experiences and revelations. I've been enjoying reading the comments left here from many people I haven't met. It'd be interesting to find out more about each other, but unfortunately there's no way to contact you from your posts unless you leave an email address. (I guess the default google privacy setting restricts it) If you're interested in a response to your post, feel free to leave your contact info. All the best, and keep leaving your personal experiences on the subject!
Anonymous said…
I am a 24 year old ENFP that was diagnosed with ADD around age 12. I can relate so much to what everyone is saying. Having a hard time following through with incredibly idealistic goals, etc. Nice to see that there are others out there with very similar personality traits.
louise said…
ENFP + adult ADHD and aquarious...
Well I m getting assured seeing that Im not alone thinking too of a connection in these personality types and adhd.>will follow up this thread
Anonymous said…
I am an ENFP and I have recently struggled with the fact that I cannot retain things as quickly as others can. When I was younger I just thought that I was incapable of learning. My parents- who only did what they knew how to do- weren't educated on the subject of ADD or ADHD or different learning styles, something which I have just recently understood to not be their fault. I have been a personality analyizing hobbyist over the last 3 yrs and it has changed me in so many ways. I have just recently enrolled in fulltime study and now have the confidence that I never dreamed of having in the last 17 yrs. Moral of the story: It pays to know who you are - your strength, weaknesses and limitations and work with them.
Anonymous said…
I was diagnosed with ADHD years ago. I always believed ADHD was a personality type, and not a disorder, since it contains many advantages, not simply disadvantages.

Recently I took an MBTI and lo and behold? I'm ENFP and the descriptions I read of ENFPs couldn't fit me more aptly.
marty said…
I am married to an enfp who is the classic enfp personality. I was reading a wall street journal article (I'm ISTJ) on ADHD which gave examples of ADHD that fits her. I googled enfp/adhd and found this forum. Life is not a piece of cake for her but she is extremely creative in subjects that interest her and is a professor at a major university. So take heart, for all the pain, there is the joy of a creative mind.
marty said…
I am married to a classic enfp. I was reading a wsj article on adhd that fit. I googled enfp/enfp and found this forum. Life is not a piece of cake but she can be very focused on subjects that interest her. She is a professor at a major college. If your enfp, you know there is a lot of pain, but she would never give up the joy she feels for having a creative mind.
Anonymous said…
I was diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive type) about three years ago. I was evaluated after learning of my father and half sisters dianosis. I too am an ENFP. I was recently hired as a consultant for a business enterprise program via the randolph shepard act. I have very little business experience yet my new employer(s) was able to see the enfp in me. Lastly, two people were hired to cover different regions of the state. We have virtually the same personality and he too is an adhd-er.
Excellent blog. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I am a college student finishing up my freshman year at the University of Minnsota Duluth. I recently took a Jung personality test and felt a bit comforted when I read the traits of an ENFP, which is my personality type. I have always suspected myself of having ADD/ADHD, as I exhibited the tendencies: losing things, forgetting about things or tasks I didn't care much about, low attention level, daydreaming during class, shaking my leg. I knew that I had the "disease" but even before reading this I was convinced it was a personality trait more than anything. A great deal of my friends have been prescribed the medication, and I have experimented with it with moderate success. However I never liked the idea of taking a pill every day, especially when it made me feel as crappy as adderall does. I have always been a very intellectual person and I am proud of that, but this past year has been really rough on me. I spend a lot of time in the library trying to study but being distracted constantly. It is not out of my control but I can not bring myself to work on things that take a lot of effort, and when I do I half ass them. This worked in high school ( I got B's with the occassional C and A, while taking AP classes) but it is not flying in college. I am doing really bad here, and I am starting to beat myself up about it. I will no longer be attending the University I am at, as I am going to try community college for a year. I know I have the will power to work hard, but I choose not to. It might be worth it to add that I have been smoking a lot more marijuana and drinking more than I have in the past, but I am not high or drunk when I am studying. I guess I am rambling at this point but I am starting to feel like I will never be successful in school and I guess I am hoping for some more insight. I should add that I found this because of a google search as well. If anyone is still reading, thanks, and I would love to hear some feedback if you have any. -wach3875@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
I found the site because I've read about 8 books on ADD and think I may have it, but also just took the MB personality test again and was an ENFP. (In college I was INTP but I think that's because I was studying engineering.)
I do feel there is a correlation between ENFP and ADD and was googling for any sort of 'scientific' proof.
(ps. people might prefer to email you than include their email in a public post.)
Monica said…
Hey, I'm glad I found this forum! I was seen as "gifted" as a child, and now I'm in college and feel that I have some symptoms of ADD. I feel that it is more difficult for me to complete tasks and stay organized. I have taken Adderall many times since high school and feel that I need it to complete certain certain tasks- in particular ones that have been assigned by someone else (such as a school paper). I am an ENFP. I'm wondering if I should go get a prescription for this because it seems that in this world, it is rather difficult for ENFPs to function due to the difficulty staying focused on one thing. Is anyone else in a similar situation?
Rhonda said…
Yes! We just took the MBTI at work. And I am a ENFP, and I noticed the personality description was exactly the same as ADHD, which I am also. So, I just googled this to see if anyone else made the relationship, there are many BLOGS about this. So, I guess the next question is...are we ENFP's because we are ADD or is ADD really not a disorder at all, but a personality type that medical professional decided was a disorder because we are non-conforming and appear to be uncontrollably defiant.
Anonymous said…
Damn .. That is getting scary ..
I was googling to search for other medical students who are enfp and having those stupid problems with keeping concentration and carrying tasks even small ones to the end ...
And here i am reading these posts which all seem .. To familiar ..
Damn it ..
The problem is i haven't reached final year where we take psychiatry (which is going to be next year .. Maybe)
I am the only introvert in this batch .. I am very good may be because my iq is a bit high (about 118) .. But i couldn't keep studying steadily for 3 days in raw .. I change references about 8 to 9 nine times and don't keep with any more than few days or a week .
Hmm .. I need to do some research and come back (not sure about coming back as i always forget about this ^___^")
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your post. I read the personality profile of an ENFPer and kept thinking: these are all the things my Ritalin was suppose to "fix" about me.
Anonymous said…
Hmm. A recent discussion of Meyers-Briggs made me curious, after reading the classic traits of the ENFP, if there was some overlap between the two, since a few of the classic traits seem to line up.

I am an ENFP. You could probably identify me from three blocks away as an ENFP. I also have ADHD, and have been receiving treatment for two years.

It's tempting, to be sure, to think that ADD/ADHD are merely a personality type if one has just taken the test and realized that some of the characteristics are similar.

The critical difference, however, is that in order for something to be classified as a disorder, or at least something that requires treatment, it has to have a significant impact on your quality of life and ability to function. I suffered horribly from comorbid disorders associated with ADHD, and I still have a lot of residual feelings of guilt and worthlesseness.

ADHD affected my ability to relate to people, which for an ENFP who wants to be liked and wants to make people laugh is beyond excruciating. It's hard to get people to like you if you keep interrupting them, or if you have boundary issues, or simply didn't socialize properly.

I also know a number of people who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD who have personality types all over the Meyers-Briggs spectrum.

So although there are overlapping traits, it doesn't mean that ENFP=ADHD. ADD/ADHD is a very real disorder, and can make life for those who suffer from it quite difficult, regardless of their type.
Anonymous said…
well i have been felling some of the sighns of adhd aand i did a personallitly test and scored enfp. I know someone with adhd at school and i am a lot quieter and well mannered than them. i don't know if i have adhd or not but if i did it would be nice to know
Jalopy said…
I'm not one to leave comments, but having being recently diagnosed with ADHD at 38 and being a clear ENFP I also noticed the similarity in traits. I googled "enfp adhd" and got this link...

I agree these traits can be a great asset but if you are unable to channel them they can be hugely frustrating, seen as a defect by others.
Guy said…
I found your blog when I searched for "all adhd are enfp".
When I was about 34 I was forced to take Myers Briggs and learned that "those who like to label people" categorize my personality type as ENFP. Then at 40, I came to understand that "those who like to label" identify my brain function as ADHD (without the hyper... therefore ADD). Despite not liking labels (an apparently authority of most kinds...) I found all this rather helpful in understanding myself a bit better. God has done some major healing in me since then as I come to better understand the reasons for how my earlier life went and the struggles that unfortunately I allowed to define me.
Well before I was "diagnosed" God reassured me that He had put me together and though He hadn't been responsible for my bad choices and all the mess in my past, He had uniquely made me and gifted me in ways that others are not. I'm not better for worse for that, it just helps me see our mutual need for each other and how God intended us to live in community where our various strengths can meld in a relational way for everyone's edification.
I don't think the way my brain/mind works is a disorder as if I'm broken. At least not any more than anyone else's is broken. In truth, we are all broken and don't really have a reference for what a "whole" person looks like other than Jesus. The moment sin entered the world via Adam's choice to disobey God's only prohibition, the earth became hard to work, child bearing became painful, thorns sprouted and brains/minds began their shift away from being healthy and whole. It'd likely that our personality types would still have been varied as they are now, but the distinction and overemphasis on one type over another by our man-made (read that fallen and broken) societies. Either way, I can trust God for who I am and who everybody else is, I'm just glad I better understand who I am so I can better serve the world around me now!
I like to "blame" our modern society for the onset of ADHD... Would the way my mind functions become an issue if we still all lived in agrarian societies? I'd bet not. So my challenge is to not whine about "how I am" but to learn how to work in "their world" so I can share Christ's love and not lose credibility to those who don't function at the superior level we do!
Thanks for your post and thanks for the invite to share my view!

Joke said…
I got diagnosed with ADHD last summer. Last month I did the Myers Briggs Test and ...... I am ENFP. Reading up on ENFP I do wonder..... ADHD is a special talent to say the least....But is it part of my personality or does my personality account for the 'ADHD' like symptoms....
Anonymous said…
Poster, this is important to know: A disorder is when the tendency affects the person's life in such a deragoatory way that they cannot operate as themselves, and continue through days with excessive difficulty. ADHD as a personality trait is ridiculous, but since everyone has different Degrees of everything, you may have a managable degree of attention deficit. If youre ADHD is such that it does not make you blow out your tires twice, run 8 miles due to emotional distress and not out of a need for fitness, and go too fast and impulsive on nearly every aspect of your life, then you have a disorder, and need some meds. I know that sounds bad, I understand that, but I dont want to feel so in chaos every single day that I destroy my life and relations every day, and nearly destroy my being on the earth when in ultimate distress. That, my friends, is called a ADHD disorder, as diagnosed by one of the best child psychiatrists in a large city, over ten years. Dont tell me, dont think for a moment, that I am lying or that you can tell me how this is only my ENFP personality trait. ADHD is very very real, you just arent affected by it in a bombastic way, thank goodness for you. I am a severe ENFP, I have trouble even writing my name in the right way every day, always wanting to change it to whatever name I think is pretty at that moment. Youre theory is one I agree with in that regard, I tried throughout my high school years to manage it without medication, and repeatedly nearly killed myself because of it. If you know you...have an ADHD disorder? You feel like you are fast forwarded in life.
Total. Chaos. Not many emotional waves like bipolar, more panic attacks, because it just feels like youre sprinting up a hill and everyone else is walking on it at a normal walking pace, yet are keeping up with you somehow on the hill. You have no clue why it is so hard for you, you think you dont need meds because you are keeping up with
everyone by the seat of your pants, you become very clever and you make a lot of mistakes that are painful because you Knew you couldve acted differently in that situation where you caused trouble for yourself/others, but, for some reason, you did not do that correct behavior. So, you heap coals on yourself, thats where the depression comes in, and through the critical thinking that comes along with depressionary states, you become socially intelligent. Due to the lack of control in social situations from ADHD combined with your high social intelligence, you do exreme,y well with people, yet then that control falters, and youre back to your "crazy self" inrandom situations, as the ENFP is known for. Inattentive focus, If I remember correctly, is linked to creative disinhibition.

But Yes, just as it is an eating Disorder to eat too little or too much, it is an ADHD disorder if your have too little of that chemical balance that normal population operates with, or too much that it becomes an imbalance in the brain, as I do. PLEASE do not discount my disorder. It is saddening when people tell me that I have battled with shadows my whole life. But know this: do not, if your child does not engage in risky behavior, think that means your child does not have ADHD. I am a girl, I have never gotten drunk, or even havd drunken the entire thing, I have not done illegal drugs,not even weed. Never been in jail. Just notice excessive behaviorisms. I always had a smile on my face, even when Im 200 mph inside of me, feeling like Im about to spontaneously combust. I think that advice will help. im sorry I wrote so much, bye guys, lots of love, you guys are all so smart
Anonymous said…
Stumbled upon this site for the same reason as most of the bloggers on here. The correlation between ADD AND ENFP personality type.

I am all the following;

1. ADD
3.Aquarius as well (made me lol when i saw that comment)
4. Exceptional with people and communication but find it all too overwhelming and very quickly become too much of a thinker and very sensitive.
5. Genuine skill in reading peoples inner monologue and body language.

6. Was awful at school with the basic building blocks such as times tables, spelling and sentence construction. (I suspect it was down to my lack of focus more than anything)

7. Very good at the Arts subjects, Pychology, History anything about people.

Does this sound familiar?

Research is definitely needed whether we are proved right or wrong.
Justin said…
I'm guessing all of us have stumbled on this blog for similar reasons. I'm guessing atleast a few others fit into some of the vitals as mine:

ADD (self diagnosed)

I don't know if it should be considered a treatable disease, but being who I am can be pretty frustrating at times. Out of nowhere, I find that it's great to be me... I tell my wife, and she agrees, that I can relate to a lot of different people because I feel like I go through such wide range of emotions and selves. I am not schizo or anything, but i sure go through some big highs and lows.

For me, the reason I have sought any type of answers recently is that I'm finally wondering after all these years (I'm 35 now) that having recurring images of blowing my brains out might be a problem. I'm sure some of you can relate, but it's not that I have ever actively tried to kill myself, but the desire crosses my mind here and there. It almost feels like it's part of my racing mind. It could be thinking anything, but sometimes, the thought just happens to be a gun to the head...

I dunno, I haven't felt like it's a serious issue or anything, but when it's spoken out or written, it sounds creepy.
Anonymous said…
Very Intriguing!
I just so happen to be both ENFP and have A.D.D./A.D.H.D. - of course, as many people before have said. But I'm a Cancer, not an Aquarius.
Something I would like to add on too. One of my best friend's an INFP. Although she doesn't have A.D.D./A.D.H.D., she ends up following suit if I'm off my meds. I don't know anyone else's MBTI Type so I can only rely on my friend's, but maybe since INFP's (to me at least, and please don't get hurt by it) are technically the most sensitive, INFP tend to also take after ENFP's if they're in the enviroment. But then again, she believes she's cyclothimic (milder form of bipolar, like mild mild compared to bipolar). I don't know. They are one letter difference and they are rather open-minded idealists. Food for thought. :)
Anonymous said…
ENFP + Enneagram 7w8 + ADD + Borderline Personality Disorder = ME!

Well, initially I thought myself a ENTJ but them someone mentioned that it is an "STJ" world out there and we learn to adopt "STJ" traits, especially out in the work place. My natural inlcination, when I'm at home is a messy, creative, stimulation seeking person. I truly hate routine mundane tasks. Also have experienced intense emotional turbulence in my relationships . . . but realized it's because all of the pieces of the above equation.
Snowphi said…
I love that I'm ENFP!! I've had diagnosis of ADD and bipolar type 2. When i was diagnoed with bipolar I became very depressed . . . Now I know I'm ENFP and I can be as just as good as I can be terrible if I put my mind to it. I feel better!!
Anonymous said…
I'm an ENFP, and for a while I thought I might have ADHD. Only until I started studying my type in-depth did I realize, 'Oh wait a second, this is why I am the way I am!'

So really I guess I don't have it (ADHD), because although I display most of the characteristics, I apparently don't have them (or haven't had them) on a consistent or wide enough scale? Eh, poorly worded but I think that makes sense. ANYways, it wouldn't surprise me if ENFP was one of the most common types to be diagnosed with ADHD. Or something.
karen irwin said…
36 year old ENFP, unmedicated ADHD (diagnosed 17 years ago), gemini actor with moon in aquarius. My parents chose not to medicate me in my youth which allowed me to discover ADHD makes me an excellent actor, teacher, storyteller, emcee, moderator, DJ, etc. I just learned that my chosen careers are especially suitable for ENFP's. Interesting. Was looking for a link in google.
Could it be possible that ENFP's are not suited well for the mundane tasks that the educational system is preparing us for to fill the workforce and therefore are looked at as people who need to be "fixed" by educators, parents, and the like?
Rick T said…
I've been doing a lot of research into ADHD. The DSM changed the name of ADD to ADHD inattentive type without hyperactivity. So basically ADD is a dated term. Stupid I know. Anyways, I have also been looking into the same connection of ADHD and ENFP. What I have found on some research is there is a huge connection with NF and ADHD. It was interesting that a friend of mine who seemed to have very similar habits that I did, who was not ADHD, turned out to be an INFP. This got me thinking quite abit about a possible connection between ADHD and personality type. I am finding that the a lot of research done on ADHD is done or funded by pharmaceutical companies. Now this does not mean that their research is invalid it just means that it should be verified. However if you start to look at stats on NF's I think they make up about 8% of the population...interesting that ADHD is about 3-7%.
Anonymous said…
I believe this article to be true. To diagnose a personality/learning style as a DISABILITY is sad. Although INCORRECTLY named, a correctly diagnosed ADHDer infact has an EF personality. Should ADHDers be penalized for understanding concepts rather then memorizing random stuff?
KSharpIAm said…
I am an ENFP with "ADHD" and it is absolutely wonderful to see so many people share my perspective on this issue!

My story, for anyone interested:
I was diagnosed as having ADHD in childhood and took medication for a year or two. My mom later decided to abandon the medication (I hated it) and tried just switching schools, and I chose to just be homeschooled starting in 7th grade. I was fine just being me, so I forgot about the diagnosis entirely until college when I started having troubles, became depressed, and the doctor re-diagnosed me as having ADHD. It is quite amusing that having an ENFP outlook on life and choosing not to partake in uninteresting activities is considered disorder... lol. (I can only laugh about it now because I'm no longer having difficulties in college, but it was a nightmare at the time)
Sarah said…
I got distracted reading the comments here. Another ENFP with ADHD. I am an artist, but I do have trouble managing my life in many ways and I feel agitated a lot. I have always been a high achiever, but not without a lot of struggle in keeping on task. When I find a taste I'm passionate about, there is little that will stop me. So, now the question is: how do I cope?

Jay said…
Sarah. .if you find out how to cope let me know because I have been struggling with that for way too long myself. I think you already identified it though. . hard work .. . its very difficult for me to keep focused on a task that is boring to me but when I complete it I feel on top of the world. You would think that feeling would keep me going but it doesnt always. I also think from mystand point at least its a lack of proper physical exercise. . I am pretty certain that that would turn things around too. I am starting up a running routine for that reason and I am hoping it will improve things overall and keep me on that top of the world feeling!

I am an enfp with predominantly inattentive adhd! :) very interesting!
Juli Ners said…
I am ENFP and I have never met another ENFP, if I see it I ll probably tell if it is healthy individual or not, meanwhile I would not diagnose myself with all those sorts of abbreviations ADHD, ADD, DDD, AAA
Neva said…
Wow! So interesting to read this post. I have always felt that I had ADHD (my whole family has it, I don't want the official diagnosis because I feel like I'm giving into it being a 'disorder' if I accept it) and am SUCH an ENFP. I couldn't agree more with your post and the comments here. Thanks for writing :)
Anonymous said…
I have recently discovered I have ADHD and before that found I'm probably an ENFP. I'd heard that ENFP (and ENTP?) are sort of over-represented in that area. So. Hello. Now I'm wondering whether I am ENFP though, but I think I am.
Anonymous said…
Hey! I am 40 an ENFP and I am really angry at all of you for not being ANGRY about this connection. I have been reading about this for over two years and I have finanly hit the wall,this is not right.
Some of you were singled out as "children" and termed "not normal" and put on drugs when it could all very well just been your personality!
What kid has a say in that! How many other wonderful ENFP's are living in homes with all J's that don't understand and just want them to stop beign themselves.... when the reality is we are all just bored! until we find something interesting.

We shouldn't be saying "oh this is interesting" we should be outraged and demanding that our "psychologists" every single one of them, give us come concrete reasons that they think we have a medical condition vs. just our personality coming through before administering medication. Are we only "champions for other people but let ourselves just be run over by a bus?
This is tragic and aweful. We are big picture thinkers. think or the ramifications of what we are saying!
I saw another post on another website that asked how many ENFP's were diagnoseed with ADD 38% said they were! and another 26% said they were never tested but they know they are or would test positive. People that is 64%!!!!!

this goes against evrey core belief I have that people aught to be free to be who they are, and become the best of who they are.

Anonymous said…
I think I have an interesting thing to add which confirm my enfp personality's close resemblence to ADD. I was travelling from Reading to Oxford in train last evening when I discovered this forum (I got the trigger for ADD in addition to enfp from a forum on Quora). While reading this forum I was so immerced in the thoughts of possibilities that when I get off at Oxford station, I forgot to pick my laptop bag from the train. And after trying all phone numbers I could to recover that bag, I finally decided to go to the terminating station of that train. I knew there is no train coming back that night and there is no time to book any hotel, I still hopped on the next train. As a classic enfp, I was confident that things will work out (they always did in the past). I went to Worcester but the previous train (with the bag) already left for London via Oxford. The station master helped me by calling Oxford station asking their help in recovering the bag. There were 15 minutes before the train reaches Oxford. So the only option we had was to wait now.
These 15 minutes were purely enfp minutes: I learned about the life and time of the station master, discovered the city of Worcester and its history, and many more in talks with him.
Fifteen minutes later a call confirmed the retrieval of the bag. Relieved I went to the city walking looking for an accommodation. All the places station master suggested were full. I did managed to find a nice hotel. I was enjoying the whole scene as a pleasant adventure. Another enfp trait, challenges like these are not really challenges all the time - they are fun.Now I am in train going back to Oxford to conclude this 17 hour adventure while reading the forum. An enfp at age 30.
SV Entreprenuer said…
I love all these comments, and obviously everyone who visits love them too! Everyone is sharing their lively stories, one after another. Being resourceful, empathetic, charismatic and optimistic seem to be a theme here :-).
Anonymous said…
I came across this because I took a personality test and was ENFP and was diagnosed with adult ADHD this week. I googled ENFP and ADHD
Dan said…
I had this theory and thought I would look it up. I'm happy to see that other people were thinking the same was I am.

I am a 39 yo male ENFP who was diagnosed with ADD about 9 months ago. I'm currently taking Adderrel (it gives me energy and helps me not to get anxious).

This realization of the ENFP really opens up a whole new world for me.

I have been doing HVAC mechanic work for 10 years and have been through quite a few companies. It hecka bugs!!!

Now I find out that its just because of my personality type and the fact I'm just not interested in the mechanic part of it anymore.

Lots to think about.

You can contact me at daday1974@yahoo.com


Anonymous said…
I'm an ENFP, and I have ADHD. it's difficult to control sometimes when i'm angry but usually when i'm feeling the most angry that i really get creative.
Anonymous said…
1. ADHD inattentive type
2. Visual Processing Delays
4. Leo

I searched ADHD and ENFP because I wondered if linked. Despite all of the above I am an all A student at a prestigious High School because I've learned to work around my weakness and towards my strengths. But before you hit any assumptions about the ADHD/ ENFP connection you should know:

1. 1 in 4 students have an undiagnosed visual or learning disability that makes school and normal functioning beyond frustrating

2. Visual, learning disabilities, etc. are often diagnosed as ADHD. You are not ADHD unless you get that almost mental block that keeps you from just sitting down and focusing

3. ADHD is only a disorder because it impairs normal functioning of an individual significantly either proffessionaly, educationally or socially. If your ADHD doesn't make school beyond frustrating, hurt you in social situations or hurt your career than it is not a problem

4. ADHD people can have more than one thought processes going on at once. So not only do they jump to conclusions quickly (sometimes misguided), think faster, easily distractable because they notice everything, and are always looking for more stimulation. We often hop to seemingly unrelated things that only ENFP's and ADHDERs can understand, but make perfect sense to us. (trying to sleep= two sheep, old MCdonald had a farm; Oh yeah Macdonalds, I prefer Wendy's though, which reminds me my ginger friend hailey said this etc. No wonder we can't focus! When I space out in class it goes like this: 1 thought process is listening to the teacher, and another is tapping, writing etc ( If I don't I'll space out I have to be doing one or more simple things to focus on a hard thing unless I'm passionate and hyperfocused) and then another thought process jumps in about homecoming or cookies etc. and slowly takes over till I'm thinking about 3 unrelated things. 3 minutes later I get back from bunny trail and realize I've missed part of the lesson:
Meds or a lot of excersize can help me focus, and get rid of the symptoms that make me dysfunctional.
As you can tell, I'm not on my patch now but hope that helps!

PS No one is normal. Normal is a setting on the dryer.

Gum Helps! I chew the same flavor as I study that I do on the test + it gives me a way to release anxiety etc.

goodluck- KAT
Anonymous said…
I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I am an ENFP, so I think there is some sort of correlation between the two. My son is also ADHD and ENFP. I know that ADHD is a brain chemistry issue. It appears that the personality traits of people with ADHD correlate with those of ENFP, but I'm not sure if all who are ENFP are also ADHD. ~ Debra
Christina said…
I am an ENFP and I've been diagnosed with ADD recently, I found this page by taking several ADD tests (while procrastinating), which somehow lead to personality tests. As I researched about my personality type I noticed several similarities between ADD and ENFP character trades, so I started looking for a possible connection between them and found this post. It is very interesting how many people found their way here exactly like I did and how common both being ENFP and having ADD or ADHD seems to be.
sweetpea said…
howdy y'all (:
this is interesting.
I'm an ENFP, a Cancer & my moon sign is Aquarius! (moon sign means like, who you are inside.)
i took the MBTI test in 9th grade and got ENFP. I'm in college now, i took the test again yesterday and got the same thing.
i was diagnosed w/ ADD right after HS but i've always had a feeling i had it. though i'm quite bright, i never got good grades in HS due to procrastination & daydreaming. Now that i have meds that's gotten a bit better.. but i really want to switch my major to something that interests me (fine arts) so i can have more motivation and enthusiasm towards my work!
I am an ENFP and let me tell you, I have had ADHD my whole life, never took anything for it, but never learned how to focus either. I have such a hard time doing anything that doesn't interest me, and I have too many interests to even know where to begin. I want to become something more than what I am as I sit here and type. I am reading books on focus and how to accomplish goals but its getting me nowhere and I feel lost! Please Help ME!
Mark Abraham said…
Yes, I ran across your article during a Google search. I just had the sneaking suspicion that ADD/ADHD and ENFP are like peas-in-a-pod, and I feel validated by your article as the readers who commented on it. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I am a 28 year old female ENFP. A year ago I was searching "extreme forgetfulness" and stumbled upon an ADHD article. My jaw literally dropped when I read about the characteristics of the inattentive type. Definitely me!! I have been doing a lot of research in the last year and its been mind blowing that there is an explanation for why I am the way I am. I struggle a lot with managing my life...from laundry and dishes to paying bills and making life decisions. But I'm also very smart and I enjoy learning. I make friends quickly and develop deep friendships but struggle with feeling pulled many ways and that I don't have the time to devote to my friends/job/school/family. I'm a great networker, love people and cultures and I can talk to anyone about anything. I very much relate to the ENFP type, although I experience periods of introvertedness. I found this article during research and also related to many of the comments. As for whether the personality type is incorrectly labeled as a disorder, I'm uncertain. It does seem like a very strong correlation.

I work in a job that encompasses training, program coordinator, sales and customer service. I enjoy my job a lot bc there is a lot going on and I am challenged. I struggle with staying focused, motivated and encouraged and if given too much freedom I can be a huge slacker.

I really struggle with relationships. I get so enthusiastic at first but become restless and intrigued with something that could be better. I dislike conventional life although I like predictability. I'm often "lost in thought" so I am not always following a conversation and what is going on around me. But in my head I may be thinking about world peace or writing a chapter in a book. I feel for my collection of ex boyfriends who have been left a little confused about who I really am. I don't blame them bc I'm in the same boat! But I love some of the qualities I possess. I have a huge heart, I'm sharp, witty, easy going and compassionate. I'm also great at flying by the seat of my pants and reacting under pressure.

I have been taking medication (adderall) for about 8 months. I feel it has helped tremendously but there is also much work I need to do to improve my life. I'll get to that, though....
shira said…
I am a 23 yr. old female ENFP (very ENFP); self-diagnosed ADHD; fine-artist (video, writing). Have 2 ENFP siblings and 1 ENFP cousin. ADHD/Bipolar II/addictions run in family. Marijuana seems to help in certain usages.

The correlation between ENFP + ADHD is inevitable, proved even by this thread. Now the task at hand is defining and/or discovering the nature of the correlation. Someone commented, “The critical difference, however, is that in order for something to be classified as a disorder, or at least something that requires treatment, it has to have a significant impact on your quality of life and ability to function”. The defining factor of a disease or disorder is the associated disability, i.e., something that is inherently lacking, or even intherently negative. Thus, if an ENFP has characteristics that match a medical description of ADHD/ADD, these characteristics only become defined as being ADHD/ADD if that particular person and his/her particular MD diagnoses these characteristics as being disorderly/disfunctional in this person's life. Trying to define essential equality/oneness of a personality type and a disorder is a dangerous slope to step on --- they are inherently different things (one assumes disorder, the other describes cognitive processing). There are people who function at high levels with creative PTs who may appear like ADHD people to others around them, but whom achieve high success in their given area of focus. On the other hand, there are people who are seriously struggling with intense daily problematics of having high level ADHD/ADD, and those are the people for which the original medical diagnosis was made. Rather than attempting to describe out a medical diagnosis as being a personality type, we should realize that the real disorder may simply be less common than medically considered according to prescriptions written.

Society must also advance (and thanks to threads like this, it IS) to include work structures that benefit and are benefitted by such a personality type. ENFPs may become anxious about performing mundane tasks on the road to a great creative achievement, and thus become labeled “ADHD”... Labeling may help in rare cases but more important is that, as a society, we need to adapt to the ENFPs impatience towards the mundane task, and build a system of support for them so that they can achieve the creative and conceptual advances we they need with the assistance of “task performers” and “achievers” types.
karen said…
I am an ENFP actor with diagnosed thru testing ADD. The computer test itself is actually a form of torture for those who test positive. Luckily, I was born to persons who encouraged my creativity and I have been able to create a work life that would not be possible were it not for my personality type and "disorder". Unfortunately, most people spend their lives trying to change themselves to fit into this world. Who knows how many discoveries, inventions and great works of art are lost everyday to a perfectly sustainable and potentially financially lucrative personality being regarded as a disorder. I noticed the similarities in ENFP and ADD from the get and google periodically to see if anyone is finally researching this possibility. So. Thank You. Now lets hope the powers that be notice someday.
Unknown said…
I think your concloution was very good.... Hopefuly there is net.... So people like me with ADD in Sudan can know more.... Thanks

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