Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It has been crazy busy lately. If anyone wonders, "How can a person without a full time job be busy?" Well, it is more than possible. After participating in Stanford's Entrepreneur Week, and brainstorming, writing, producing, and editing a video, we attended Wednesday's session, and won the Creativity award, so now I have 2 packed days in my schedule next week. And I had to move a meeting I had set up with a CEO of a company a day back, so that's 3 packed days. And that Friday I'm supposed to present to a venture capitalist, so that is 4 packed days. And the following Monday I have my business plan due, and quite possibly a presentation, so I need to prepare for that. And we were planning on going to LA that weekend... not going to happen. I think I'll microwave some Lean Cuisine for Thanksgiving.

So, now I'm involved in another startup, and recently presented for literally millions of dollars for funding to a major corporation. Oh how time flies, considering that it was less than 4 months ago that I moved here! Things are going well, very busy, and hopefully something good will come of all this work! If I don't post for a while...please try and understand. :-)

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