Friday, October 3, 2008

A product Idea, & a Business Idea

So, from the entrepreneur class I am taking, our professor has encouraged us to 'partner up' on projects. So, one one side of the room he put every one who had an idea and who was looking for help executing it. So from that, I have met two people who are interested in going into business with me. I have a business concept that I think will be extremely fun to pursue and that will be very beneficial for all who are involved. So, working on this business concept along side working on my product idea will give me a very diverse portfolio on entrepreneur ventures!

If I could get one of the concepts off the ground and running, I could use the income to stronger support the second venture...and then the third.. and the forth... haha. It would be great to be able to first pursue my ideas, jump all the crazy hurdles that have been placed in front of me, get to the point where I can jump the hurdles blindfolded... and then clear them out of the way for other people trying to pursue their dreams.

Its insane how costly patents are. $10,000 for the patent, and $10,000 for legal advice?! Seriously...that's $20,000 just for the rights for your idea. That doesn't even begin to include research and development, and all your time. And I hear they are trying to make patents harder to get. HAHA..WHAT?! If you really want a stronger economy, they should encourage smaller entities to create ideas...instead of just awarding patents to huge compnaies who can afford to jump all the hurdles, then proceed to pay their CEO and VP's millions of dollars. That makes no sense. Less people are happy, and you have such a large pyramid with tons of corruption. Ack. And then award these huge companies with tax breaks in the hopes that the money will somehow trickle down to the people who need it? Umm.. Yeah, makes total sense. Instead of teaching the middle class how to fish, lets just feed the middle class the scraps of the Fishermen (i.e. Corporations).

The $700 billion dollar bailout plan just passed today. I'll be giving my hard earned money to banks who pay their CEO's millions and millions of dollars. For the hope that they'll push me out of the way of the falling piano, that they have decided to drop on me? If we are all lucky, we'll be able to walk out of this with just a FEW scratches and bruises. Great time to be an entrepreneur!

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