Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inventor Resources

Starting up a business is quite tricky. With so many options ahead there can be doubts along the way. Its impossible to know everything on needs to know initially, so its all about trying to find the resources that can be of help along the way. When joining a company things are easier because usually all the resources you need are already there and pre-paid for. Once you start going out on your own the resources are hidden, and the only paid for services are coming out of your pocket. All of this stated, it can be quite intimidating.

So as I do my search for resources, I'll be sharing them, to start creating a kind of path for others to follow so everything isn't sooo intimidating.


2) Business plans, are a perceived necessity in starting out, to justify to yourself and others why you are doing this, and to prove that you'll be satisfying a business need. Here are some fee sample business plans:

3) SCORE is a non profit organization comprised of people with business experience and wants to give back to the community, so they volunteer to help out new business owners. They have local chapters around the country and offer mentoring and workshops.
There is an Entrepreneur Center in San Jose with Resources for small businesses
A list of Networking Events for Women Business Owners
Score has a lot of resources to help you! Look for the list of helpful websites on this page.




7) - A women entrepreneur's resource

Thats it for now!

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