Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspiring Video and Asking the Important Questions

Today I worked on some video editing to fund my entrepreneur habit. And yesterday we could have picked up a potential job which is exciting. Also, tomorrow I think I'll be meeting with a more experienced videographer and pick up some tips and advice, and potentially some future gigs. Networking is always a good thing.

Today I watched a video featured here: "Guy Kawasaki, Founder and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures provides advice about foundation, priorities, financing, key employees, getting the word out, leveraging resources, scope, business development, raison d'etre, and the big picture. For example, a few years ago, cleverness was the priority, he says. Today, expertise in technology is important and entrepreneurs should be thinking of making the world a better place, he adds."

I enjoyed his speech, and I definitely find myself preaching the same values and goals. I like when I come across things that validate what I believe and find that these people are successful. It shows that I may have a shot at this!

I met with my group about the business start up idea. The meeting went well, and we started off by talking about myers briggs personality types, and writing down questions that we will need to answer. We will spend the next day independently answering these questions, such as "who are our customers? what value will we provide to them?"

So far things are going well, busy, and kind of stressful, with all the thoughts of everything I want to accomplish. But, staying on track!

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