Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm so excited, so a pretty huge reason of why I moved to California in the heart of Silicon Valley is due to Tom Kelley's Book, "The Art of Innovation", its a book mostly about IDEO, a company that I deeply respect, and that I could actually see myself working for! So, I did a yahoo search for "Entrepreneurness" to see if my website had been added yet to their search engine, and I came across this result:

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Forum / Different skills sets for ...
Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students. Stanford Technology ... I guess they have found a role whereby they can satisfy their 'entrepreneurness' ...

So, I clicked it, because I was curious about the context in which they used 'my' word :-), and I noticed that I was on some kind of Entrepreneurial Website, so I went to the home page, and I noticed it took me to a list of speakers.  And I thought to myself, wouldn't it be AWESOME if Tom or David Kelley was a speaker, and I scrolled down, and there Tom's name was!

And there was the time and location listed...and so as I was contemplating standing outside the building anxiously, or emailing someone to sneak me in, there it was, the semenars are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!  AMAZING!  I'm very much excited now, and it's already on my calendar, and all because of a search for the word "Entrepreneurness"!!!  Inspiration can come from anywhere!

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