Making your Garden work for You

If you have land, it's the best time now to beautify your home and environment! Create a space that you love, create inner peace and joy visually, and maybe grow your own food! Why not start beautifying your outdoor space by gardening! 1) Buy Plants that you will Enjoy - go to your out door gardening store 2) Buy Soil 3) Get a nice watering Hose 4) Get a drip irrigation system (get one that has a hose splitter) 5) Get a drip irrigation system with timer 6) Get a hose splitter

Figuring Out Pricing and Business Model

It can be overwhelming to think about needing to come up with a correct business and pricing model for everything up front.  So, chunk it up and chunk it down. Who are your customers? People who you will be selling to. Find out what they value, budget and ask them how they think about it so you can understand how to price in their terms Start from somewhere/ start with one, you can change your pricing along the way as you figure more things out Find out the time and resource cost versus price to figure out how to most efficiently spent your time and where you concentrate your time when building your business Consider income now and income potential, and also of course, consider impact and if the day to day is how you want to be spending your time for the route you choose

When you are ready to go Full steam ahead with your venture...

Next steps into creating a 'real' business. -Incorporating (S or C corp) -Liability Insurance (Because you need protection incase of mishap!) -Filing Taxes (Business Taxes are difficult...a forwarning) -Trademark your brand (Protect your brand identity!) -Patents (Protect your intellectual assets) All of these steps are extremely time intensive.  But it is important to do them as your business gains traction so you don't end up getting bulldozed just as things get interesting. Goodluck!

Ask Yourself Why? And then start it starts to free your mind...

Being an Entrepreneur is difficult and many of the roadblocks you face will come from your own mind. In order to unlock this blocks you need to ask yourself...why?  And just like you'd be able to answer someone coming up to you and asking a question, chances are you'll have an answer and the anxiety that you feel in your mind that has no words begins to form words and thus makes the questions real and then you can begin to find the answers. A question I asked myself recently was... Why am I nervous to start? It's hard to... Reach fair agreements Find terms that work for all Find good people This was a question that I asked myself in August 2015.  And I just found that paper today.  Fortunately today I look at those questions, and those questions seem to have been answered. How did they get answered?  I happened to find someone with a complimentary skill set who has the fundamental same goals and values as I.  So while we think differently, we tend to reac

Product Choices for the Entrepreneur on a Budget!

Usually $199 Get it for: $99 Cheap and Quality Replacement Ink: Usually $70 Get it for: $20 Usually $140 Get it for: $33.77 Sanity Saver... to Keep Animals Off of your Outdoor Furniture

An Intriguing Conversation of Introspection

Years ago on a dating site someone messaged me, and it led to a thoughtful conversation.  I saved that conversation, and I have to say, that the answers still ring true today.  I have cleaned up the conversation a bit to make it more concise.  How would you answer these questions? Where does your motivation come from? do you have a vision or goal of what you want? I do have a vision of what I want.  Sometimes the path to get there seems harder or easier depending on the day.  The one thing I see in my vision of an ideal future is to be happy.  I know it is vague, but my gut response.  It's just the feeling. Do you need to work hard to be happy? I thought so, but i've worked hard and not found real happiness there so i think happiness comes in feeling valued by others and when that reflects back on yourself, and an overall feeling of building towards something. Is happiness a choice? I believe it is.  But you have to continually choose it, even on your worst da

Switching Over to Google Apps and Google Apps Coupon

Coupon: Save 20% off Google Apps for the first year.   Sign up here, and here are  Instructions  to redeem coupon. Redemption Codes: 1) CKKXTTEEH67CPR 2) A7HRLAWXVN3E3T I recently switched my business over to the Google Apps Suites.  Why?  Because I met someone who is interested working with TechyKids, and wanted her own techykids workspace of messaging / email / and ways to share collaborative documents.  All in all, aside from the added monthly costs, I believe it to be one of the steps to turn into a makeshift business into a real business. By using Google Apps it gives you the ability of having a Super Administrator that ultimately has control of the sub-accounts....which puts you in control of your business. The trickiest part of all of this that I have found so far is being able to get email working properly, and to be able to send and receive without running into issues.  I realized through testing that some of the emails that I was sending out of the Apps account w