Saturday, January 23, 2016

Switching Over to Google Apps and Google Apps Coupon

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I recently switched my business over to the Google Apps Suites.  Why?  Because I met someone who
is interested working with TechyKids, and wanted her own techykids workspace of messaging / email / and ways to share collaborative documents.  All in all, aside from the added monthly costs, I believe it to be one of the steps to turn into a makeshift business into a real business.

By using Google Apps it gives you the ability of having a Super Administrator that ultimately has control of the sub-accounts....which puts you in control of your business.

The trickiest part of all of this that I have found so far is being able to get email working properly, and to be able to send and receive without running into issues.  I realized through testing that some of the emails that I was sending out of the Apps account was being filtered out as spam.  In order to correct this I had to go to the admin panel and activate DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) email authentication.  Here is more information.

If you have 1and1, this tutorial will show you how to add or remove a txt record to help authenticate your email.

Best of luck!