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Finally, A solution for managing 100,000+ of photos!

Finally, a solution!!

Why Keep Reading?  This post will enable you to...

1) Free up storage space on your computer to make it run faster
2) Access all your photos easily and quickly, from anywhere
3) Share your photos privately and quickly to whoever is in your photos
4) Get cool collages and compilations that are enjoyable to view... automatically
5) Back up all your Data

I'm the kind of person who loves taking and having pictures.  I enjoy being able to pull up a photo at a drop of a hat.  I also love efficiency.  The problem is, as storage on computers expands, so do the size of photos and videos.  So no matter how large a storage device you may have, your old photos keep getting lost on old hard drives because your new computer can't handle all of the storage from past and present photos.  Also, every program you own is trying to sync your photos causing mass confusion of where you find your photos, and how many copies of a photo you have on a computer!

Well, after years o…