Monday, September 14, 2015

Finally, A solution for managing 100,000+ of photos!

Finally, a solution!!

Why Keep Reading?  This post will enable you to...

1) Free up storage space on your computer to make it run faster
2) Access all your photos easily and quickly, from anywhere
3) Share your photos privately and quickly to whoever is in your photos
4) Get cool collages and compilations that are enjoyable to view... automatically
5) Back up all your Data

I'm the kind of person who loves taking and having pictures.  I enjoy being able to pull up a photo at a drop of a hat.  I also love efficiency.  The problem is, as storage on computers expands, so do the size of photos and videos.  So no matter how large a storage device you may have, your old photos keep getting lost on old hard drives because your new computer can't handle all of the storage from past and present photos.  Also, every program you own is trying to sync your photos causing mass confusion of where you find your photos, and how many copies of a photo you have on a computer!

Well, after years of being troubled by this problem, there is finally a solution!

1)  First things first, STOP ALL PROGRAMS FROM AUTO SYNCING PHOTOS on your computer and device.  Photos on Mac is no longer your friend.  Drop box wants to sync and then charge you for space.  So does iCloud storage, and practically every single program out there.

2)  Buy at least a 1-2 TB hard drive just for your photo and video storage.  I recommend actually buying  2 of the same so you can back up your hard drive since you want to have at least 2 copies of a file in case a hard drive stops working, you don't want to lose your important data!  I recommend the two options below.  Label Drive # 1 "My Photos", Label Drive #2 "My Photos - Backup".


3)  If you have a Mac, use Image Transfer (under apps) to get your photos off your iPhone, then you can transfer it directly to your external storage.  No longer use Apple's Photos.. forever.  With the new software updates is useless, bulky and tries to control your workflow, locking you into the Apple Ecosystem, eventually costing you more money.  Also, if you use Apple Photos, it forces you to download to your computer first, which you don't want.

If you have found that you have duplicate photos, you can use an application to remove your duplicate photos and save storage space.

4)  Now that you've transferred your photos to Hard Drive #1, Copy the files to Hard Drive #2.  Or create a backup of Drive #1.  
    (Still not sure of the cleanest way to do this, if you have an idea, post below!)

5) Drag and drop the photos that you have transferred over to  

Explanation: This is a link to Google Photos.  It gives you UNLIMITED storage of your photos and videos, FOREVER!  Google controls the size of it, but lets be realistic, when was the last time you printed a photo?  If you'd like to print a photo of full resolution, go ahead and get the original from your external hard drive.
Google Photos also has auto face recognition and you can click a face and it will show you only photos photos that contain that person- and with one click, SHARE those photos with just that person.
Also, Google Photos create auto albums, creates fun video compilations, or will take a series of photos and make an awesome animation.
Google Photos is completely private and attached to your Google account.

6) Download the Google Photos App for your device to have it auto sync if you'd like!

There you have it, keep your photos and videos off your computer, it'll save your lots of organizational hours later and you can still feel somewhat organized!

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