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Minimalization Vs. Optimization

A good friend of mine from is experimenting with minimization.  He and his wife are going around their home and throwing away things to minimize what they have.  With that rise of the minimization movement, I am curious if that is truly 'the best way'.

I do think minimization is great from a simply environmental perspective.  The less you have, the less your environmental footprint.  But I am also a strong believer that there is no perfect tool that does everything.  And usually an almost perfect tools is perfect at doing one task.  So by that thought, the less you have the less tools you have.  Thus, the harder it will be to perform most tasks.

Have you ever tried to drive a nail into a piece of wood without a hammer?  Or unscrew a screw without a screwdriver?

Of course I am not suggesting a different tool for every single task you need to perform because then an organization an space problem would occur and you wouldn't even be able to find the…