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A Case Against Santa

Santa Claus is a novel idea, a way to promote the belief of something fun and magical with children.  But is it the best thing for kids?  After talking to a friend and hearing his take, it completely altered my perception about Santa Claus.

The belief is that if you are good you get on Santa's good list, and if you are bad you get coal.  So lets say a kid who has been perfectly good comes from a less than fortunate family and the parents have recently lost their jobs.  That Christmas the kid may not got very good or any presents at all, while the rich (and not necessarily well mannered) kid next door may get many wonderful presents.
From a chid's perspective, if Santa is magic, the grounds should be leveled.  The quality of gifts would be distributed based on the good or bad actions of the individual that year.  Therefore if you are good and receive less than stellar gifts it might leave the impression that the world is even more unfair and biased, and that even on the realm o…