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How to Edit Videos with a Mac more Effectively

Add audio, either with a voice over and or background music.

To do a voiceover, iMovie has a really great voice over feature where when you click the microphone icon on screen it will allow you to record audio and will overlay the audio on whatever audio may already exist for the clip that you select to voice over on top of.  You can easy drag and move the voice over.  It is added as an additional audio track to your video.
To add background music you can search google for "production music" and "royalty free".  This will help you find lyric-less music that might be appropriate for your movie.  Another tip would be to search youtube for keywords that might be relevant to your topic of interest.

Using soundflower an extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications, you can now have quicktime record sound directly from your computer. First, open the System Preferences and select Soundflower (2ch) as the device for sound output inside the Sound …

Tips for Managing ADHD and ADD

Tips for managing ADHD and ADD,  Patrick McKenna and Rick Green

1. Acceptance.
You need to understand that you are "built" differently.2.  Educate yourself.It's NOT about a lack of willpower. It's NOT about laziness. It's NOT about stupidity. It's hereditary/genetic, it's a part of who you are.  Understand your particular "flavor"—ADD is different, very different, in different people. Target the challenges that trip you up.3. Bend the world to youDo what you are good at, have other people do the things you aren't good at4. Chunk it up.Put tasks in small chunks that have clear goals and are actionable items.5. Take action.Take an action and let it lead to inspiration6. Always move forward.Start doing, stop waiting 7. Use doorways to remind you.  Leave things in front of the doorway.  Tape notices by the light switch.8. Make an Entrance.Be a positive, supportive, interesting person each time you walk through a door.  Create a great character.  W…