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Foot Organs, the Key to good Health?

Many years ago my aunt was recovering from a breast cancer surgery and a friend came over to help her feel better.  She began by massaging her feet.  This made me curious because after such a major surgery, why would a foot massage make much of a difference?  She showed me this chart and explained all organs have their corresponding projected area on the foot.  The study is called reflexology, and it is a form of alternative medicine.

What if this is true.  It would make sense to why walking and an active life creates a healthier lifestyle.  You would stimulate all of your organs as you walk.  Maybe that is why foot massages are one of the biggest delights that we often forget about.

What if a simple foot massage was the cure to many ailments and one of the secrets of a healthier lifestyle was to simply pay attention to your feet more?

Here's a gentle reminder to take a breath, rub your feet, and smile a bit more.  Because, maybe things are just a bit simpler than we imagine them …