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The PR2 goes to The Tech Museum for Hack the Future 3

This past weekend was Hack the Future 3 at The Tech Museum in San Jose.  Hack The Future is a self-directed hackathon for young future hackers. Mentors from different companies and backgrounds are there with different stations for the kids to participate in. Willow Garage and the PR2 robot were there for kids to go ahead and hack.  It was an all day event, and parents and kids arrived early, waiting at the entrance for the museum doors to open.

I've been working at Willow Garage to help organize their education outreach in the community.  The company had participated in a previous Hack the Future and was eager to increase their educational impact on the community and simplify their material to allow the youngest of minds to be able to try their hand at hacking and robotics.  It's a pretty substantial milestone for a technology when you can finally simplify it enough for novices to be able to use it and gain enough from it to get them interested in the field to then further the…