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Big Ideas Fest

I'm very excited for the upcoming Big Ideas Fest!  Big Ideas Fest is a unique three-day immersion into collaboration and design with a focus on modeling cutting-edge thinking in  K-20 education.  There is a great speaker line up from educators in grade schools, Deans from top universities, the Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of education, and other great designers and leaders in the education sector.  It should be a great conference December 4-7th, 2011 at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton.  If you haven't registered yet, here is your chance!  Register before it is too late and collaborate with top designers and movers and shakers in the education sector.  Let's shake things up and change the world!

The Fine Balance


Feeling Entrepreneurial?

This has taken me years to learn...but for you, I've summed it up in a bubble chart.
(Click the image for a larger size)