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Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Marketing will make or break you.  Here are some things I've learned:

1) Not a pro coder?  Use Wordpress to manage your website.  You'll thank me now and later.  It is such a popular free service that most companies have written plugins that interface with Wordpress.

SEO optimize your website.  Getting into the search engines is key to success.  True for local and global businesses. Download the "All in One SEO Pack" to help optimize each page of your site.Integrate the Facebook Like Button.  This works for you in 2 ways.  First it shows that people know and support your business giving you credibility. Second, when people click the like button the activity is shown to their friends and is instant and free 'word of mouth' advertising to all of their friends."It's one thing to promote your business yourself.  It's another to have another person saying good words about your business.  The best thing is to get someone's friend to tell them about …