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How to Lead a Good Life: Lessons from the Greeks

This is a summary of the lessons from Stanford professor Marsh Mccall's lecture.  He will be giving it open to the public Wednesday, March 2 2010 at 7:30pm in the Cubberley Auditorium in the School of Education on Stanford's campus.  I was able to find it online on iTunes U.

The goal of the lecture is to take you through different schools of thoughts thus add to your life perspective.


1) The unexamined life is not worth living

2) Wisdom begins with knowing what you don't know

'When I talk to someone who professes to be an expert, they are ignorant, because they don't know what they think they know.  What makes me superior is that I know that I don't know' - Socrates (loose interpreted)3) Virtue can be taught, education is virtue. (Virtue means excellence or arete)

No one does wrong or evil willingly (doing so only means ignorance)Because, to do wrong, to do evil, harms someone else, which harms you, and who would do evil onto oneself?

1) Theory …