Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finding Your Happy

Life can get pretty confusing because as you juggle work, relationships, friends, sleep, eating, and errands, time keeps ticking away. It's very easy to either get caught up in the daily grind, or to miss the joys of each day because your focus is kept too far out into the future. With everything in life, moderation is key. It is important to be able to enjoy and live in the now, while keeping the future in check.

Happiness is the key to life. What is the point of life, but to enjoy it and make the most of it? So, while everyday stresses might get in the way, it is important to spend a portion of each day appreciating the things that you enjoy most. If you have a love for friends, take a moment each day to talk to one. If you have a love for activity, make sure to have a spot in your schedule for a run or some tennis. Get energy from the things that you love in order to keep your positive energy flowing. Once you are able to exude your positive energy, other pieces in life tend to fall into place.

Lately when people ask me how I've been doing, the answer is, "Great". Its not very often that one answers so positively, that it takes people by surprise. Too often its a mediocre "Good" so that no more questions can be asked about it. "Great" welcomes the question, "Oh really, why so great?", with often a perk of interest. This interest comes in because everyone wants to be doing "Great", and they are looking for insight to find out how. So, if you are doing great, it actually will improve other people's outlook on life because it shows that being happy is obtainable. People love to be around happiness and happy people because it inspires them to be happier. We have a tendency to mirror each other. Happiness serves as a natural gravitational pull. If you can find your inner happy, naturally more good things will happen. Life is all about finding that happy state of mind, and staying there as long as possible.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Secret to Life

Lately I've been so incredibly fortunate to have been meeting the most interesting and intriguing people. I haven't been out specifically to find these people, but somehow they've been just crossing my path. And when I say interesting and intriguing, it means that they've figured out the secret to life. And every time I meet someone who'd figured out the secret, I feel the automatic connection with these people. It has taken me a while to fully understand what attracts me to some people and not others, but finally I'm able to put it into words. So you ask...what's the secret to life? Well keep reading and you'll find out.

Meet Danny. Danny grew up in the Bay Area and went to a couple of different places for college. He ended up working at a children's gym in LA for a couple of years, and loved it. He moved back to the Bay Area and continued working at a children's gym. Then it dawned on him, he could do this for the rest of his life and be happy doing it. So he went and bought his own kid's gym and currently owns and manages it.

Meet Brad. Brad grew up in New Jersey. He went to an Ivy league school, followed by law school, even studying in Japan. He started working for an established law firm, but then crossed over to working for a startup in the Bay Area as both their legal council and Vice President. He has also started his own entrepreneurial venture promoting emerging music artists on the side along with avidly painting, guitar playing, surfing and writing music.

Meet Nathan. Nathan grew up in Virginia. He went to a medium sized college in Virginia and studied a breadth of subjects. He became interested in agriculture and produce, working at the farmers market, and then bartering with other vendors for the freshest ingredients. He found passion in learning how to use these different fresh ingredients in his cooking. He believes that people should only be putting the best of food in their bodies. He moved to LA, and would really get to know the farmers and ask them for insight into the produce that they specialize in. He has turned his interest of food and cooking into a full time. He currently is a host of a TV show called "A Lyon in the Kitchen" that broadcasts on the Discovery Health network.

So, now you ask, what's the secret of life? I'm hoping that I've been able to explain it more in these stories than I would able to flat out saying the answer. The answer is to follow what you love and what will make you happy and BE who YOU are. Find your passion and run with it. Next time someone asks you, "What do you do for fun?" Wouldn't it be nice to hesitate with your response because in your mind you are thinking "Wait, what DON'T I do for fun?"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Makes a Good Relationship? How do you know if you are in a Good Relationship?

The following questions are probably questions you've asked yourself in one form or another:

What Makes a Good Relationship? How do you know if I am in a Good Relationship?

I would venture to say that a good relationship can be identified in the same ways no matter the kind of relationship between people. Whether it be parent/child, lovers, friends, business partners, etc.

So, how can you detect a good relationship? Here is my list:

1. The conversation comes easy

2. You feel relaxed

3. You can be yourself

4. You don't have to worry about offending or side stepping

5. It's not a chore to put the person into your schedule

6. You are energized by your interactions

7. You find yourself smiling without even realizing it

8. You find yourself making constant eye contact

9. You gain confidence in yourself and abilities

10. Mutual love/respect/trust

Do you have more to add? Leave your thoughts, we can make this a living list.