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A Case for Generalists in a Society that Only Values Specialists

In the current age there has been an emphasis on people being highly skilled in one area.While this is important for technological developments in specific areas, there is also a great need for generalists- people with a diverse skill set and education in order to help seamlessly blend together the different elements of study.Take for an example a creation of a simple piece of furniture- a chair.An engineer may design it to be able to hold the weight of a person, but it may not be beautiful or comfortable.An artist could create something pleasing to the eye, but the chair may crumble once sat upon, and may uncomfortable for the user.An ergonomic specialist may know how a user’s body should be supported, but would have no idea how to create a functional or beautiful chair.A generalist may not make the most perfect chair right off the bat, but could be able to create a stable, beautiful, comfortable chair.And then once they have the base line, can give it to the specialists to refine an…