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Thinking Big

When I was a kid in about kindergarten or first grade, cliques were already forming and established. I went to a small school, and had about 15 or 20 kids in the classroom. For some reason to prove that everyone was in some sort of group, we decided to form clubs. Each person who was interested in being a club leader wrote their Mission Statement on a piece of paper. Here was mine:

There was a small one story house-like building within the bounds of our recess area. As you can see in the picture, I wanted to get the whole class together to build a giant slide make a giant slide out of snow. Then we could spend all of recess playing on our creation. I was very excited about my idea. How all the kids would love it too!

Well, as it turns out, I wasn't able to get anyone to join my group. Instead I joined this other more popular girl's 'sticker club'. We went to her house once, and she gave us a sticker. That was OK. But definitely not as cool as my giant snow sl…

Wall of Shame- My Growing List of Product Reviews and Customer Service Experiences


I renewed my 2-year service with AT&T by upgrading my phone at a RadioShack in Delawarec. Normally I would not have gotten a phone so quickly without doing research on it, but the salesman said that I could easily return the phone to RadioShack within 30 days if I was not happy. RadioShack is located near me in Cali, so I went for it. I purchased the...

LG Vu- Which was an ok phone, lots of bells and whistles, which I like the option of having if I ever decide to upgrade packages. But there is one fundamental flaw of the LG VU. The battery life is horrible. One can possibly acheive 180 minutes of talk time if they maybe put it on the lowest volume and talk straight through one conversation. All I know is every two days I need to charge my phone, and I am a pretty casual talker. And if I have to charge the phone that frequently now, what will happen 2 years from now when the battery starts losing life?

So, I went to a RadioShack in Cali and asked about returning the …

Barack Obama

Today is the Inauguration of Barack Obama into the presidency of the United States of America. A historical day, as this is the end of Bush's 8 years of presidency, and Obama's first. As I type this, Obama is climbing the stairs to give his first speech as president.

An interesting thing that you may not know about Obama is that he is thought to have the personality type of an ENFP. Here is an interesting article about the different politicians and personality types. Obama is an idealist. Many entrepreneurs are idealists. I am an idealist.

So, hopefully this will be the age for entrepreneurs to surface back and repair our fallen economy. With so many people losing their jobs, it is thought that the entrepreneurial types will take it as an opportunity to start their own businesses. Let the upcoming years be of growth, innovation, and sustainability. Let's fix the problems of the past and look to the bright future of tomorrow. Yes, we…

Understanding the Medical Industry- Bills, Bills, Bills

The Health Industry makes no sense, and I question why.

The health industry is one of the only industries that make the most money when they misdiagnose, causing the patient more and more useless tests. With most other industries we award efficiency, paying for the end result, and not the waste in between.

The health industry is one of the costliest, the price tags extremely high, but at the same time, a mystery. When was the last time you understood your last medical and insurance bill?

The health industry is one of the only places where you go in, and sign documents that you agree to pay everything they charge you, without having any idea how much the cost will actually be.

Now, what happens if a person without health insurance enters this institution of unforeseen costs, receives unneeded treatments for diagnosis that are inaccurate, and then keeps receiving bills for this? How is this even legal in the U.S.? Shouldn't there be a system where we award efficiency and accuracy in…

US Airways- Short term vs Long term decisions

I went home for winter vacation, flying back to the east for winter vacation. I bought my roundtrip ticket from sfo to phl for $400. US Airways now charge $15 for one checked back, and $25 for the second checked back. I decided to save some money and just carry on my luggage. Through security you are not allowed to bring any liquids, so carrying any kind of drink through to the airport or plane, is out of the question. We had a 6 hour flight, to go coast to coast. Now, I did hear of US Airway's new policy of charging for soft drinks on the plane, which was dissapointing, but I did not realize their full policy. US Airways now also charges for WATER. For the 6 hour flight the airliner had also taken off their video equipment to save weight. So for 6 hours no entertainment, being squished in economy class, with not a drop of water to drink...lovely. It used to be that planes would carry large jugs of water and just fill each person who requested a glass. Now that they hav…