Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ask Yourself Why? And then start it starts to free your mind...

Being an Entrepreneur is difficult and many of the roadblocks you face will come from your own mind.

In order to unlock this blocks you need to ask yourself...why?  And just like you'd be able to answer someone coming up to you and asking a question, chances are you'll have an answer and the anxiety that you feel in your mind that has no words begins to form words and thus makes the questions real and then you can begin to find the answers.

A question I asked myself recently was...

Why am I nervous to start?

It's hard to...

  • Reach fair agreements
  • Find terms that work for all
  • Find good people

This was a question that I asked myself in August 2015.  And I just found that paper today.  Fortunately today I look at those questions, and those questions seem to have been answered.

How did they get answered?  I happened to find someone with a complimentary skill set who has the fundamental same goals and values as I.  So while we think differently, we tend to reach the same similar logical and fair conclusions.

It's definitely hard to find good people, but when you do, keep them close!