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My Mom Threw out my Personal Belongings

I booked my tickets excited to go ‘home’. I booked my tickets excited to see and spend time with my family. I booked my tickets to be surrounded by warmth and love. I booked my tickets to go HOME.

 I was told to bring a bag to start bringing my stuff back to California. “You have a house now, take your stuff with you.” It’s not that I didn’t want my stuff with me, it’s that a big part of me feels like it belongs in that house. In that closet, in my sanctuary. How many times when life got hard did I retreat into my walk in closet to find comfort. I had even sometime taken a pillow and blanket and climbed of my shelving and lay there to find my ‘safe place’. That closet has always been by childhood retreat.

 So then I left for college, many miles away. But when I’d come home, I’d come home. I could engross myself in all of the wondrous memories that my closet was home for and transport myself back to those days. Those days playing video games in the closet, those days learn…