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iPhone Stolen Experiment

The process if you have your iPhone stolen is a messy one. And unfortunately, even though it is extremely common, there are many holes and improvements that could be made. For instance, if your phone is ever recovered by a noble person, and it has a password lock on it, could it ever find its way back to you? Under the current process, I don't believe so. There is no real way to link the stolen iphone back to its owner. Lets try this experiment, if an iphone with serial DNPJFA3KDTTQ is ever recovered, and you find this blogpost by search, please let me know! Idea: there should be a website for owners of lost/stolen iphones to post the serial numbers with an anonymous email address attached so that contact can be made between the people who find the phone and those who lose it.
Supposedly with Apple's Activation Lock the phone cannot be activated anyway, so what happens when it is stolen?