Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Educational Startups of 2013

I attended the Imagine K-12 pitches to educators last month.  Imagine K-12 is an incubator for education startups.  It's great to see where entrepreneurs feel like technology can add power to the education space.  Below is a list of those startups who are currently under the wing of Imagine K-12 and that may find their way into your school soon!
EDpuzzleFind a video and make it
Front RowDifferentiated math practice on the
DeansListMeasure and improve student scharacter and school
Classwork for iPadEngage with your student's work in the
edoomeTurn the classroom into an online
KodableProgramming fundamentals for kids
netclickCreate aha! moments using your existing
CellabusMobile device managment and application platform for
schoolmintManage the enrollment process simple and securely for schools and
KaymbuConnecting preschool teachers and parents with the children they care for and
Class CentralThe world's most popular MOOC search and discovery
Panorama EducationSurveys of students, parents, and


Jaime Villafuerte said...

Great resources list! Thanks for sharing. Any other insights that you would like to share about trends and opportunities in education startups?

Ideal Voucher Codes said...

you have shared exciting news for coding enthusiasts. These student startups are the superb way to find talented young programmers who want make their IT career
with reputed organizations…is there any particular coding language that one should know in order to take part. Finalists get to visit Google’s Dublin office…wonderful..