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Creating a Shop and Processing Payments

Recently I stumbled across a very nice, quick and easy way to get an on-line shop up and running.  Below there is some information and deals to help you do this yourself.

First of all, takes just minutes to get up and running and has a very clean design and easy to use interface.  Click here to get a 30 day trial, free!

Unfortunately with any online shop you need to pay an additional 2.9% + 30 cents per credit card transaction.  (Pretty hefty fees if you ask me!  This may give some insight to why.)  Luckily, is offering 1000 startups $50,000 worth of transactions for free!  Here are their standard costs

Here is the information you'll need to know to get the link set up between Shopify and Braintree.  You will need to change the default credit card gateway to Braintree, those instructions are here.

You'll also need to know the credit cards that Braintree can process.  Those are: Visa, MC, Discover, and America…