Saturday, December 24, 2011

Install multiple Wordpress sites on one server

How to install 2 Wordpress sites on one server, and use your space for multiple domain names, cleanly. (Between and ipage).  Where you have the domain name registered with and web hosting with ipage.


  • Go to the control panel, under Domain, click on "Domain Central".  Click "Add Existing Domain".  Type in the domain that you own through and click "Add".
    • In a matter of seconds, iPage creates a folder within your public_html directory that’s on your server and writes a script that points that domain to your new domain’s folder.
  • This may or may not be needed before the next step....FTP to your site using FireFTP a Firefox Add-on, or any other FTP client
    • Create a new subfolder in your root directory for your wordpress files to be placed into
  • Advanced: Instead of creating the folders in the Home Directory, select "Subdirectory" and type a folder name.  This will make it so you can host many pages seamlessly and without having to point people towards
    • You put all of your web page files in the folder and no one can tell you have a hundred other folders serving up a hundred other domains on one single iPage account.

Go to 1and1 where you have your domain name registered
  • login
  • Domains
  • Select the domain name
    • Click DNS
  • Click DNS (Not CNAME)
  • My name server
    • Enter in name servers received from ipage or other webhost
      • ns1.(myhost).com
      • ns2.(myhost).com
    • It will take 24-72 hours for domain name to propagate through internet
  • Make sure 'Destination' is set to "Web space (/.) so that it goes to your ipage space
    • It takes about 5-10 minutes for to stop forwarding and instead point to your homespace

Now go to ipage (place where you have webspace).  Under website click "Wordpress".  Click the "Install" button to install another wordpress site.

It asks: 

Where would you like WordPress installed? (if you did NOT set up a subdirectory pointer)

Advanced:  Just select your domain name.
You should see that... 
Access URL:
Server Path: /hermes/bosweb/web143/b1432/ipg.webspacecom/home/users/web/b1432/ipg.webspacecom/foldername/

Wordpress will be installed, and now you can go to and see your Wordpress site!  Also if you go to you can login and start making edits.


How to host multiple Domains with one ipage account:

Installing Wordpress to it's Own Directory
In Wordpress admin just point to root folder/web address
On ipage you specify the subfolder that your files are in as stated above

For broken images, download plugin 'search and replace' to update any broken links in blog

Wordpress multisite:

How to Update the pointing website- 5 places
1) The pointer domain as mentioned - this may take 5 minutes to propagate
2) go to wordpress admin and settings>general
    update: WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL)
3) go to mySQL database on ipage, wp_options (browse)> line 1: site url and line 36: home (on page #2) and update domain name
4) Now you need to update permalinks my going to Permalinks in Wordpress and hit 'save changes'
5) Update broken images/page links by downloading 'search and replace' plugin

Your email account lives to where your webspace that your forwarding to is!  If you DNS to your space on ipage you will need to update the settings of your email account.