Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finding Your Happy

Life can get pretty confusing because as you juggle work, relationships, friends, sleep, eating, and errands, time keeps ticking away. It's very easy to either get caught up in the daily grind, or to miss the joys of each day because your focus is kept too far out into the future. With everything in life, moderation is key. It is important to be able to enjoy and live in the now, while keeping the future in check.

Happiness is the key to life. What is the point of life, but to enjoy it and make the most of it? So, while everyday stresses might get in the way, it is important to spend a portion of each day appreciating the things that you enjoy most. If you have a love for friends, take a moment each day to talk to one. If you have a love for activity, make sure to have a spot in your schedule for a run or some tennis. Get energy from the things that you love in order to keep your positive energy flowing. Once you are able to exude your positive energy, other pieces in life tend to fall into place.

Lately when people ask me how I've been doing, the answer is, "Great". Its not very often that one answers so positively, that it takes people by surprise. Too often its a mediocre "Good" so that no more questions can be asked about it. "Great" welcomes the question, "Oh really, why so great?", with often a perk of interest. This interest comes in because everyone wants to be doing "Great", and they are looking for insight to find out how. So, if you are doing great, it actually will improve other people's outlook on life because it shows that being happy is obtainable. People love to be around happiness and happy people because it inspires them to be happier. We have a tendency to mirror each other. Happiness serves as a natural gravitational pull. If you can find your inner happy, naturally more good things will happen. Life is all about finding that happy state of mind, and staying there as long as possible.

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Shailesh Gangoli said...

Good stuff, Sharon. I agree! Spreading it around is an integral part of finding the real inner "happyness" :)