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Building a Sustainable Environment...for yourself

You may have heard much talk about living a sustainable life in terms of the world and environment. That is a very great thing... and something I believe in. But, that is not what I'll be talking about here.

I love the book "The Little Prince", so we'll pull that in as an example. In the story the little prince lives on a small planet in which not much goes on, and not much grows except the occasional bothersome baobob. And if you don't know what a baobob is, I think it's time for you to take some time and google it. Because baobobs do have the capacity to rip apart any planet, and therefore should be deemed very important by any such standard.

So, back to my point. The little prince saw a little bud come up, and watched it to see if it was a baobob, or something else. He had the patience enough to watch the small bud turn into a rose, the very first and only one on his small and unique planet. He took great care of his rose, would water it, talk to it,…

Another Blog Update...with even more Fate!

October 5, 2008 I wrote the post: ANOTHER BIT OF FATE! :-) . That post told of a series of events that lead me to the website of a Stanford lecture that let me hear Tom Kelley of IDEO lecture, and let me meet with him at the end. Well, I had read about Stanford's (design school) online, and I was interested to explore it. It seemed like a university version of IDEO, because it was founded by David Kelley (Founder of IDEO) himself.

I've been checking out the online periodically, and since I was already planning on checking out the startup job fair on campus on Tuesday I figured it would also be a good opportunity to finally step foot in the I walked in and asked the receptionist if it was fine to walk around and check it out, and referenced David Kelley and IDEO, and she nonchalantly also mentioned that he happened to be sitting right behind me.

I took the opportunity to talk with him and told him of my IDEO inspired journey out to California, it …

Blog Updates: Intuition 2, Corporate decisions 0

US Airways

On January 4th, I wrote an entry titled: US Airways- Short term vs Long term decisions , talking about how on a recent US Airways flight I had been charged for water on a 6 hour cross continental domestic flight. My stance was that it was a horrible move for the airline to demand money for water on a cramped flight where there was no readily accessible drinking water. Especially when customers had each paid good money for their flight, and had all of the time in the world to complain to each other during the time in the air. Well, it seems like US Airways have finally gotten the message and have changed their ways. They were hoping the other airlines would follow suite and also decide to charge for drinks, when they didn't, they alone were crouching in the corner in shame. I think if they had thought about their decision a little more before becoming so money hungry they would have avoided the disaster, but I guess better late than never!

US Airways won't charge…

Acting like you deserve it

Time is an interesting thing. When one actually has time to think instead of do, a million thoughts can come racing into the mind, and then cause paralysis of the limbs. By thinking too much you can reason yourself in and out of thoughts, and then hesitate at the thought of any action because of all the consequences of actions. But what about the consequence of inaction?

Too many times people get scolded for not thinking abou ttheir actions. Though by not acting nothing, nothing would get done. People with extreme levels of self confidence rarely think much before acting because they are so sure of themselves that they figure, how could they be wrong? So, they take action, before thinking twice of it. Maybe at the lack of their thought, and quickness of their action they are able to succeed by just getting there before everyone else and to be able to make mistakes, and quickly correct them before going too noticed. Failure can only really occur if people can notice before they …